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rushdoony 06-21-2005 05:40 AM

Attack into North America ???
I don't really believe this but
I guess it's possible:
6. Massive invasion and attack into North America, China and Russia storming the West Coast while China and a united Moslem host march into the Southeast Coast, known as “the Bible belt”, using the Bahamas and Cuba as staging bases. Our Jesuit-controlled leaders carrying out the nation’s immigration policies, in establishing a huge resident “fifth column” of Chinese, Moslem, Hindu and Hispanic aliens within our borders, have betrayed us Americans. The heart-breaking result will be the subjugation of the last apostate bastion of the Protestant Reformation and will compel Europe to unite reviving the old Holy Roman Empire – under the Papal Caesar.

This was from:
then click on "NY Attack".

Thumper 06-21-2005 03:43 PM

Re: Attack into North America ???
doesn't Europe have the same immigration policies with Muslims and the rest of the Third World?

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