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07-19-2005 05:36 PM

Awakening to the present
In the absence of the second coming, it needs to be asked, How long is it going to take for the starry eyed sheeple to finally wake up to realize that the world is run by the anti christ through our present regimes?
Personally I think Bush has got to be the false profit, anyone else care to make an observation?

07-19-2005 09:24 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
Fact is, we need professors in DC, and alot less lawyers, I watched an interresting speech tonight on CSPAN, and it wasn't by W , it was by Representative Roscoe Bartlett , a republican that gave a good argument for the problems in this world and what will happen if we don't start investing in alternative fuels and other resources, there are some intelligent people in DC, the problem is getting the people who only vote by party line, to start looking at the intelligence and integrity of the person instead of hopeing for pot luck!
Like I said we need intelligent people in DC, we can no longer afford the rabble it has become.

Mr Deeds Goes to Town

07-19-2005 09:53 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
On the subject of alternative fuels, I watched an interresting show, the discription is as follows,

07-19-2005 10:31 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
As for the next administration, I would like to propose David Ray Griffen, and Frosty Wooldridge 2008

truebeliever 07-19-2005 10:54 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
I thought this was relevant to your question TLT.

From an Oz forum.

I am Johnny.


Souperman...i find your premise offensive...


i'm happy to have them edited out or whatever, and no, i don't know the mods. but i think there's a difference between using them in an ironic way as part of a post that attacks prejudice and using them as a weapon to advance a racist cause.end quote...
I find moderators a menace to free speech. Which by the way you can have 2 stands on according to the Left Wing King Chomsky...who I admire greatly by the way.

Anyone is allowed to advance a racist cause. That is there right and I will protect it anyway I can.

If said racist bigot then demands the extermination of target of his racist vitriol, then he should be arrested and charged with "threatening to kill". A serious charge not taken lightly.

Jack Van Wank Dick moved from rabble rousing rhetoric to directly threatening the lives of fellow human beings...he was arrested, charged and languished for some time eating porridge on H.M dime. Rightly so....the system works.

A system based on Christian principals which underpin our Judicial and Political systems. They are NOT perfect but I prefer them to the ridiculous WANK of the Left and their "hate crime" parady of extreme stupidness.

Racism is the result of a lot of VERY rich men making life hard for "the little people" and having a laugh watching us point fingers at each other instead of looking UP. When you do you will see a BANKER and various attached lackeys having a giggle at us while they print off money from a press and pat us on the head and tell us to keep VERY busy paying it interest.

Souperman...dont look up.

Reply With Quote so... you're a member of the CEC, no?

paranoia about bankers (i'm no fan either, but no more or less so than any number of other capitalists), desire for racial separation, opposition to anti-vilification laws...

free speech isn't what you make it out to be. there is nothing that makes anyone any freer or better about slagging off other races (or other minorities). i think it's fair enough that in the same way we expect people to not slag off individuals we can expect them to not slag off collective groups.

arguing this doesn't have me "not looking up". if you note my posts around here i don't tend to be a wild and vigorous defender of ruling class interests, but i also realise that a lot of racism comes from the working class itself.

consider the white australia policy- it was the core plank of the policy platform of the first federal parliamentary labor party. this was decided by the unions, hardly a bastion of ruling class privilege and power, in order to keep out the "coolies" who would drive our wages down. a working class policy based on working class interests (assuming of course that you ignore that workers from non-white backgrounds have rights as well, in particular they've got just as much right to work for a high wage as you do).

in the end, we ditched the policy and as we have seen, wages haven't gone down, society hasn't crumbled and we're doing alright (despite what darrinh says).

so it's fair enough to say that i'm anti-racist, but not so blind to think that it's The Bankers (wooooo! spoooky!) that create racism to distract us from their Evil Deeds (woooo! double spooky!).


so it's fair enough to say that i'm anti-racist, but not so blind to think that it's The Bankers (wooooo! spoooky!) that create racism to distract us from their Evil Deeds (woooo! double spooky!).
That the historical record of the "conspiratorial" record of the Elite Banking Establishment can be passed off as..."woooo, spoooky" shows how ignorence is spread evenly between the venerated Left/Right Paradigm, invented by the Elites to channel idealistic fools energies away from the source and onto a "boys dream" which engenders wonderful feelings of "togetherness" but changes nothing.

I am adopting a less aggressive style here on this forum in the hope that some reasoned debate and analysis of the historical record will produce the self evident fact that the "conspiratorial view" of history is the correct one.

I will be keeping my dry wit.

Also I hope you appreciate my less confronting quote at the bottom of my posts.

I have attended a CEC meeting once in 2000. I learnt some very interesting things while there...especially the water probs Asia faces.

I felt however a strong "fascist" type undertone in their rhetoric. That may seem unfair to many. However, Hitler was NO friend of the Bankers...thats why they destroyed him after creating him.

For the record.

I belong to NO party or IDEOLOGY and NEVER will.

I am in my mid 30's.

Live in West Oz.

Have working class credentials from brickies labouring, fire assay work in the gold mining industry, shotfiring (explosives) in the mining industry, bouncer while going through Uni for a degree in Nursing.

3 years as student and 4 1/2 actually working in various areas such as General wards, ICU, CCU and E.D.

I forced myself out of Nursing by late 2000 by continually questioning the status quo.

For this I am broke and was indeed broken for some time.

I have since dedicated myself to remaining poor but happy annoying people in power.

I am only interested in the PURE truth. Not recieved wisdom from either of the Elite created right/left paradigms which are boringly predictable in their response to dangerous events unfolding before our eyes.

I note your quote Souperman...

quote:The threshold for disproving something is higher than the threshold for saying it, which is a recipe for the accumulation of bull****." American neuroscientist Bill Softky.

Perhaps you should ask how much you actually adhere to this quote when you simply shake off my assertions with infantile replies to my carefully worded...LONG posts.

With a high threshold needed I will be providing references to my future assertions of how the world really works.

The question is Souperman, will you analyse my assertions and postulations, or will you simply try to pigeon hole me in an attempt to avoid looking at your own blind adherence to an ideology given you by someone else?

No one has challenged me here of any consequence except Red.

I think we have so far agreed to disagree but have avoided killing each other over it.

I ask people to challenge my statements on how the world works...or forever hold their peace. One liners and infantile "wooo" statements do you no credit.

The Bankers rule the world through their ability to buy the minds and souls of men and women through the basic right they have to print the means of the exchange of goods and services...out...of...thin...air...

Once this concept has been grasped and the light peeks through the ideological blindfold...identifying the REAL source of the continual evil present in this world can begin.

International Finance.

Strike The Root.

Or admit that you are simply finding warm feelings and solidarity in a nice and cozy paradigm with your friends.

"I never met a Texan anus I would'nt lick" Johnny Howard

07-19-2005 11:15 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
You've got to admit that Griffin and Wooldridge 2008 sounds like a winning ticket, their smart , their not devious, and their actually able to look at the present and the future at the same time, something that DC can't seem to figure out how to do now.
We need to convince these good personages in our society to come forward and make it known to the masses , that this country is in dire straights, and they will speak with America , and not against it !, as we now have, we need people who can put a sentence together without getting tongue tied. or others that claim a very closeness to God, but their actions show a wholly different incentive.
Although It may not be these two individuals, the point is that the need to start thinking in relative agreement and that we do need a sane vision in Washington, for the likes of Jefferson sake.
Because if we fail, we and the future are up that proverbial shit creek.

truebeliever 07-20-2005 03:16 AM

Re: Awakening to the present

You've got to admit that Griffin and Wooldridge 2008 sounds like a winning ticket,
Yeh, in our dreams our dreams.

They'd be killed in one of those aircrashes that happen in clear weather flying at unfortunate importent points in history.

Minuteman 07-20-2005 04:40 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
For a testament to the effective use of psy-ops media,flouride in the water,3000 food additives and God knows whatever else they are using, truck on over to It is just mindblowing how self perpetuating an ideology can be. It's just like Pavlov's dogs. The Idaho Observer said it in an article, I have it but not the link. It is entitled Slavery and the Eight veils and it makes much more sense that the "real" world we live in today.

07-20-2005 04:42 PM

Re: Awakening to the present
The SHEEPLE don't understand that our President went to war based on lies to further the agenda of the global elite?

What could be more CLEAR!?!

How DUMB can you be????

Now, I know why I kept thinking about Sri Lanka. Too bad I'm not as in tune as I could be.

Well, not really too bad. It's just something I choose to IGNORE!!! sometimes when it occurs because it's just too freakin' weird.

Either it's me or it's them!!


truebeliever 07-20-2005 08:20 PM

Re: Awakening to the present

The SHEEPLE don't understand that our President went to war based on lies to further the agenda of the global elite?
They understand perfectly well.

Bush's approval rating is at %30 in reality outside of the NYT.

The psychological damage of the WTC attacks is wearing off.

Spinberg and others are having to make blatent propaganda peices to keep the fervor above...nil.

I sa y things are going along nicely.

Feeling powerless is normal in times such as these. Anxiety and fear for the future produces passivity if you can keep up the psychological pressure long enough.

Rats continually poked in a cage will eventually become docile and lethargic.

Your anger is normal and will pass. Then, creative acts will follow that proceed to add your small contribution to the cause into the VAST pool of grass roots individuals making the preparations for a glorious future that will be EVERYTHING promised.

I will be dissapointed as this movement of the Collective Unconscious passes and we move into a new age of justice, peace and long lines of Bankers and Financiers hanging from lamp posts by the neck.

I wont know what to do with myself.

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