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Daniel 11-30-2004 10:34 AM

Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
Most people feel Bible is more History than Prophecy.
There isn't much proof of it's history though. For instance ther is no proof that the Jews were ever enslaved for 400 years. Nor is there proof that slaves built the pyramids.
It seems to me that the Illuminati have been printing the Bible for hundreds of years and therefore have been able to edit it to their liking!

Parashuram 11-30-2004 12:58 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
That's why we should read Vedas. Srimad Bhagavatam in particular. There we'll find a history going back to the beginning of the universe, and forward up to its annihilation. There is a very good description in Vedas about the time we live in. It is said that we live in Kali yuga (432 000 years age), which main description consist of quarrels amongst people in general. We are only 5000 years deep in Kali yuga and things will get much worse in time. Evereything will be ruined. People will eat their own children at the end of it. Men madness will meet no end, while losing the last trace of conection with moral values and therefore God.

WSH 11-30-2004 01:20 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
It's a matter of faith. If you believe in the God of the Bible, then you believe in His ability to perserve his Word. The Illumnati and their master, Satan, are only as powerful as God allows them to be. He would not let Himself be silenced. History documents massive concerted efforts to destroy the Bible and limit its distribution. Yet, the Word has survived. What has changed throughout the year's is man's interpretation of it. But the scriptures have always been there, meant for individuals to prayfully discern for themselves.

Ahmad 12-01-2004 06:22 AM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
Peace WSH,

Just for your knowledge, now we have a final testament that even the people who recieved it don't use it anymore!

The muslims have abandoned the final testament (Quran) in favor of satanic books of (Hadith).

every book must get a confirming book after it to expose the injections, the bible exposed the injections in the Torah, Quran exposes the injections in the bible (around 10%, e.g: trinity and son of God).

As for Quran, God equipped it with the same miracle that preserved the book of Moses (the miracle of 19), a mathematical (easy to be appreciated) incontrovertible proof of divine authorship.

God indeed preserves His words (not the paper), by sending confirming scriptures and finally embedding this superhuman mathematical structure in Quran.

sablefish 12-01-2004 07:08 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
I figure the Bible is being used to unite Satan worshipers in the belief that The Revelation of St. John is part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. I figure it has been twisted to advance the NWO... In otherwords our Bible is being used against us Christians to support Satanists.. The T.V. preachers that we have are whores for Satan.. May they rot in Hell for being the false prophets.. Falwell, Robertson, all of them... who except materialism as their base... they have sold us out.

Max 12-02-2004 09:30 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
My belief is that The Bible is the word of God but the translations have been perverted (each one gets worse then before)- here are some links I've found of interest:'s_Word.htm

New Age bible

Teen Study Bible

I think there are some other writings of God that did not make it into the Bible (thanks to the Illumanti)- here's an example:

The Book of Enoch

This seems most interesting:

The King of kings' Bible

Daniel 12-04-2004 05:55 AM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
Nobody is answering my Question. I guess I'll have to answer it for you. The Bible is much more about prophecy than history. For instance the exodus has yet to happen, but it will, in our lifetime.

nohope187 12-06-2004 06:11 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
In my humble opinion, the bible is God's word.
It has been corrupted by the hands of man over the ages but, God accounted for that in Revelations 18(I don't remember the exact versus, so look it up for yourself). I know this dude who's well versed in the Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian and Sumarian languages and goes back through scripture to clarify all that's been FUBAR'ed throughout the bible.

here's his website:

I encourage everyone to check it out and come to their own conclusions.

Peace out.

diamond 12-07-2004 12:21 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
I think the dude well-versed in Egyptian, Sumerian stuff is Zecharia Sitchin. His books are certainly interesting, and present a much stronger case of what the Bible is really about. It does seem that there's a systematic brainwashing campaign going on, which has been prevalent for several centuries.

diamond 12-07-2004 04:35 PM

Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?
I have a feeling that the Bible is a highly edited and manipulated document, which is totally different from what it originally was.

From what I've seen, the following arguments are generally used to further the mind-control agenda of most churches:

1. Jesus was born to a Virgin: This is not impossible. However, the Mahabharath (a Hindu epic) also has numerous stories of sons being born to Virgins (Karna born to Kunti, who was a Virgin at that time). A very highly spiritually advanced being can impregnate a woman just through the force of will, and this is a well-known Yogic secret. Perhaps Jesus's father was a secret Yogi too.

2. Jesus performed many miracles: Performing miracles is not a new phenomenon. There are plenty of Yogic texts that explain several miraculous powers (siddhis), including revival of the dead. These powers can be obtained by anyone that follows an authentic Yogic discipline with extreme hard work.

3. Jesus resurrected after 3 days of his death: Resurrection is also not a new phenomenon. There have been plenty of cases of deceased Yogis manifesting their physical form to their devotees/disciples after their death. Kabir, Tailanga Swami, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteshwar and several others have demonstrated it and many of these took place only in the recent 20th century. Secondly, there's also a well-known Yogic phenomenon called "samadhi", which involves suspension of breath and all the bodily functions and total withdrawal of consciousness into divine bliss. Such advanced Yogis can easily cure their wounds and heal anyone. I've also seen many people making a strong argument that Jesus only went into samadhi and did not die on the cross, which makes good sense too.

4. Jesus died for our sins: There is no doubt that a Guru can take the sins of his disciples and suffer on their behalf, and it happens all the time. And Jesus might have done the same thing for his disciples. However, there can never be a proof that Jesus died for the sins of all humanity.

5. Biblical prophecies are coming true: Even Nostradamus made prophecies that have come true. If that's considered to be the "work of the devil", then I do not understand what exempts the Biblical guys from the same branding. After all, prophecies are just prophecies! I suppose anyone that's skilled enough to access the temporal dimension can make good prophecies.

6. Many people are being healed and restored because they accepted Jesus: The same thing holds good for an equal number of people that accepted Allah, Krishna, Shiva, or Buddha. The infinite intelligence responds according to one's own faith.

7. One must read the Bible from their heart with an attitude of belief and everything will become clear: The same argument holds good for the Koran or the Gita or the Lotus Sutra. If one believes in something strongly enough, it's certainly possible to see the entire reality with that perception. After all, if a person wears red glasses, everything appears red even if it is not. Perhaps the Christian conditioning is akin to wearing red glasses and say the Islamic conditioning or Buddhist conditioning is akin to wearing green glasses.

My conclusion is that Jesus was an advanced Yogi who reached the highest states of consciousness. And obviously the statements made in the Bible must have a deeper meaning that what they literally appear to be. It's said that only a Yogi can understand another Yogi, so I can understand why many people might be brainwashed.

I know that many people will not agree with these inferences, but a genuine truth-seeker will always make an attempt to break through all mental barriers and discover the truth for what it really is. Truth might be painful, but it shall set you free!

God Bless!

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