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Dreak 07-23-2005 10:48 AM

Tips on PC Peace of Mind
I couldnt really find anywere else to put this here it goes..

Ive seen alot of Posts on multiple forums that have that " funny thing " going on..

So I decided to share my knowledge of PC protection. READY ? lets start !

1. Really if you can, make your backups of things that are important to you..

2. The best thing to do is Wipe your entire hard drive and reinstall your OS ( operating system IE Windows ) I do this about every 3 months regardless. :) IF you dont want to do this then goto step 3.

3. Like TB said " GET yourself a router " if you have Highspeed Internet. Once installed go into the routers settings and "Stealth" certain ports.
( Look online for suggestions of what ports should be Stealthed )

4. As soon as your up and running again ( assuming you reinstalled your OS ) go download a simple Browser. I use Opera myself..but some prefer Firefox or etc.

5. Next is to download a free Firewall program..I use Zone Alarm myself..( though after stealthing my router I never have any incoming troubles seen with ZA. but..I keep it running as a secondary anyways :)

6. Download something like Spybot. this is just another safty net that I use. ( though once again after "Stealthing" my routher..nothing has been found ) RUN It again. Buut..If your Into downloading porn.. then You might wanna get some kinda Virus Proggie.. Your risk..your call.. ok..gettin on with it..

7. Now WinXP users..go search out a nice simple web page explaining how to " safely remove services ". These things are unnessasary programs running in the backround that most of us single PC home users dont need ! ( you might want to set a system resore point before messing with these options.. but I dont think your gonna mess up anything up. I could later post what "services" I have if needed for some of you that want it )

8. Okies..almost there..Now go find a FEW websites that offer free " internet firewall tests ". Run the tests and find where your most vulnerable.
Tweek your Router if needed. ( stealth another port or two ). then run those tests again..
You may find a port just cant be hidden..but Its Alot safer then what you have now !

ok..thats about it m8s..

How I run my machine is like this..I use Opera for all my "main" browsing. I have ALL cookies Disabled all the time. If a page Needs a cookie..90% I wont continue on that page..they dont need it that bad..nor do I.

I Have to Use IE for only 2 web pages I realy want to see.. ( pisses me off that I HAVE to use cookies and JaVa for those sites )

I scan using Spybot every night before I log off..( It never catches anything anymore..but hey :) )


GET ROUTER ( stealth it ! ), GET FIREWALL ( like Zone Alarm ), GET ANOTHER BROWSER ( like Firefox,Opera,etc. ), TWEAK YOUR XP "SERVICES", GET SOMETHING LIKE SPYBOT, DO A COUPLE " Internet security scans ".

You should be FAR better off if you follow these steps ( and only take you a couple hours depending on your knowledge ).

Trust ol' Dreaky

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