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Saturnino 07-25-2005 06:26 AM

Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
Prepare yourselves for the Police State, British friends.
The poor Jean Charles de Menezes was a nice person, a guy devoted to his family that was legally working for some time in London, sending money to his elderly parents in Brazil. He was loved by all. You should see the state his poor,, old mother is. Of course, they will not show this in the UK or the US.
Now he is dead, as dead is freedom and security in the island of Masonry, Witchcraft, Rothschilds and the Illuminati.
Myself, I am not setting foot on UK in my life again. Ever.
Jean didn`t look at all like a Muslim or a Middle Eastern. The police just had to show off so people would think they were working.
Poor British people now will have to be careful with what kind of coat they wear, if they are looking properly well, if they have shaved, or they can be shot. License to kill, that's what it is.
It is starting..first the terrorism suspects, then any dissident.
Saturnino from Brazil

truebeliever 07-25-2005 09:16 AM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

What are the details on this man from your end?

The reports I have been getting was this was a targetted killing.

Is it possible he was working for an intelligence group? An informent?

Thousands of people are employed by the intelligence services. Was he possibly involved in drug dealing?

It sounds AWFULLY like this man was a "loose end".

He knew something.

The reports I got were that he was followed from home.

He jumped a toll gate and ran for the train. "Plain clothes" (sas counter terrorism?) "piled on top of him" and then shot him 5 times in the head.

When you suspect someone is a "suicide bomber" you do not "pile on top of him". You empty your clip into him at the first oppurtunity. You do not wait for a clear shot. The point is to kill the suspect not chase him then pile on top of him.

Just ask the Israeli Defense Force. Ever hear of them "piling on top" of the suspect before killing him?

This just does'nt add up.

If the facts are as I have stated...this man knew something and he was gotton rid of. Something will come out of this.

That there is something more to this is self evident.

Dreak 07-25-2005 09:28 AM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
"I wonder what would have happened if Jean Charles had gotten onto a train and detonated a bomb? I wonder if people would now be saying, "How could the police have let this very suspicious-looking man escape? How could they not have stopped him from killing all these people?"

We are all living in very difficult times, were walking the streets of our cities, going about our business can get us killed.

I wish Jean Charles had stopped. I wish Jean Charles had raised his hands and laid flat on the floor. I wish he could have explained why he was at that house and shown that he did not have a bomb beneath his clothing.

But he didn't. For some reason, he ran. And by running, the police believed their suspicions were correct and used force to stop him.

I still want to know why he was shot on the ground? Did he still not submit? Did he appear to be trying to reach for something inside his a detonator? Did the policeman who shot him believe he and the people around him were going to die in another terrorist bomb?

Something went terribly and tragically wrong on both sides of this coin."

If I were in a simular situation where police and guns are targeted at me.....

1. Shit my pants
2. freeze like a rose dipped in Nitrogen.
3. spread out like skydiver.
4. piss my pants.
5. listen to EVERY thing they tell me to do.
6. do Exactly what they tell me to do.

or..I could just RUN ( because Im innocent and have no reason to be cornerd..yea..thats what I do when coppers try to pull me over when I know ive done nothing wrong..Put the peddal to the metal ! )

get real..something caused this man to do what he did..and personally if I thought I was gonna get blown to smitherines by the actions of someone..Id get a little twitchy too.

or maybee im missing something here...


Saturnino 07-25-2005 10:31 AM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
The policemen were NOT in uniform. If a bunch of guys start to yell at you what would you do ? ANYONE would run. I would.
This action is just an example of the total lack of concern the NWO has for human lives. All the decent norms that have been accepted for centuries, like declaring someone guilty only after evidence, are falling to the ground. Now they kill whoever they want, they imprison whoever they want, for any reason they want and the sheep applaud as they go to the slaughter tomorrow.

They subdued the man, forced him to the ground and shot him in the head, execution style, with five bullets in the head ! That`s gross...and they still say that Brazil is the uncivilized country.
I am shocked at so many silly, stupid British people who are supporting the police. Don`t they know that they, or their relatives, or their friends will be next ? How easily they give up all their rights !

The guy was just making some money and having some fun in Europe, like many young people do. He actually told his cousin some days ago he was going to buy a bicycle because he was afraid of the bombings in the subway !!!
Did he know anything about the cover up ? Who knows? Maybe by accident. He was just a young guy travelling the world, making money to pay for the health treatment of his elderly parents. A good son who had been to Brazil only some months ago. I don`t believe there is anything else, but a police told to shoot at will to show off.

Dreak 07-25-2005 11:00 AM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
Its Dreak..not Drake .. hehe.. :) Im not a dragon m8..

With all due respect..


The policemen were NOT in uniform. If a bunch of guys start to yell at you what would you do ? ANYONE would run. I would.
As if a bunch of guys would do that in the first place..In public..with guns..well Im fucked anyway. ( for some unknown reason )

Your gonna be in the tunnel a week or two after a "terrorist bombing" .. then have some "undercover" peeps ( or whoever peeps ) with guns Tell you to Freeze and lie down..your gonna run ? erm..I wont..Its a public place..I dont think Im some kinda Drug lord or Terrorist..or your assumption is wrong.

Did these police out of uniform "yell" the man to "freeze its the police ?" or just yell at him some uncomprehendible african language that he didnt understand ?

Even I can understand that when Im in a "place of high security" like the freaking Airport..dont RUN from ANYONE !! who cares who they are..if you run In the Airport from a bunch of men ( not even describing themselves as law enforcement ) you gonna RUN ? ..well you deserve to have a couple bullets in your mush-mellon for being so F'ing stupid.

Or are you gonna tell me If your in the Airport..and a "bunch of guys" start chasing you and tellin you to get the fuck on the floor..Your Gonna RUN ?

Much less a "Tube" that was just bombed..

Your story is like foolish !

RUN in the bronx !! ...dont RUN in the Airport !..or a just freashly bombed fucking mass transit train !!

Unless you want to be shot !

Peace D.

Saturnino 07-25-2005 11:53 AM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

It is thinking like yours that is getting the world in the mess we are now. They just can`t see behind what has happened, they can`t see the implications. They live in the here and now.

Running is not a reason to be killed, especially if you are unarmed, and stuck to the ground with a gorilla holding you. If you didn`t commit a crime, you don`t have to stop. The guy was executed with 7 shots in the head, AFTER he was on the ground. There is no excuse for what they did. It is just more ridiculous when you think that he was allowed to climb a BUS before going to the metro station. If he was a terrorist, why not arrest him before that ?

The implications of this, my friend, is that they are testing the limits of the public. Now they know they can do anything they want, because people like you say that if people don`t act like sheep, they deserve to die. Next the British will have their national ID, total control in society, walking like scared sheep with their heads down.

And to think Blair and the MI5 did it...


Dreak 07-25-2005 12:11 PM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london

It is thinking like yours that is getting the world in the mess we are now. They just can`t see behind what has happened, they can`t see the implications. They live in the here and now.
Gee you really think so ?

Im just asking for proof..If asking for more Truth is the problem then yea..Im a part of the mess here..


The guy was executed with 7 shots in the head, AFTER he was on the ground. There is no excuse for what they did.
I would think after the 3rd shot there would be no more head to shoot.

Im just asking questons..and your not really answering them.

You just think Im Blind when I dont "trust" everything I read or hear..but Thats where my age and Wisdom comes in..


If you didn`t commit a crime, you don`t have to stop.
Your so wrong there m8..You freaking Stop at the Airport !! right ( which you wont respond to my last post about that..just 7 head shots on the ground )

If you want to Die..goto an Miami..dressed like an eskimo..and float around till someone asked you to stop ( like a checkpoint would be nice ) and run like your being chased from a Lion.. Ill be you 50 bucks your gonna get Blasted..

but you dont want to talk about that..WHY didnt this guy just stop and be peacefull ?

Im not the reason..


Ahmad 07-25-2005 03:41 PM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
peace all,

Personally i think there is no excuse for killing that innocent young man. If there were no such professional policemen, if the scurity of the society was left to its people, they would have thought a thousand times before shooting someone with no proof.

They should have reverenced God.


nohope187 07-25-2005 08:00 PM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
American sheeple still think the police were innocent in the Rodney King beating :-P

truebeliever 07-25-2005 08:10 PM

Re: Innocent Brazilian Murdered in london
Listen up!

If these are the facts then this man was a loose end. PERIOD!

He was FOLLOWED for some time from his house...why was he followed?

He was CHASED! The first giveaway. You do not CHASE suspect suicide SHOOT!

"Plain clothes" (assassins - counter terrorism).

5 "plain clothes" PILED ON TOP of him before shooting 5 times in the head.


Please concult the Israeil Defence Force manual on these matters...

"How To Sop Suspect Suicide Bombers - 13 Easy Steps."

1. Identify suspect suicide bomber.

2. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!...and one for good luck...Bang!

3. *There are no more steps.

*Many Goyim suggest "chasing" and "piling on the suicide bomber". Being smart Chosen People of an Exclusive God...we suggest that many years of experience shows that our methods are best.

Unless witness statements and other facts say otherwise...he was a loose end.

P.S I will not be charging for my "expert" opinion. It is given freely..."free" of any other influence than the truth, come to by the "self evident" facts.

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