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marypopinz 01-23-2005 06:57 PM

let's all sing along - Uncle sam's Unicorn Song
Just read Henry's latest great post on and it reminded me of this song

Thought I'd sing a few bars...

Uncle Sam's Unicorn Song

Once upon a time when the people were green
There was more corruption than you'd ever seen
WW1 was just the start of the game
It gave Woodrow Wilson his American fame

The creel commission sent the media in motion
The Red scare that tormented the American oceans
Dewey decimal and his buddies so smart
Were sheep to the corporates and they played their part

The Deweyites desire to direct our minds
Controlling education - just a matter of time
Big business owns the media and the kids must conform
Literacy is not to be no longer the norm

The communist bludgeon is the pen of the west
Government propaganda putting truth to the test
The first trick of advertising - make them say yes
You must support our troops, Uncle Sam knows best

Media monopoly is democracy's shame
The Mohawk formula works again and again
Two factions of the business party, one and the same
Committing hellish crimes, with the darkies to blame

911 was certain cause for concern
For their horrendous crimes, the CIA should burn
Capitalists and Zionists, supremists they're all
And they all dance together at the Nazi ball

Not too far ahead, you know, the people will see
What is meant by creation, peace and humanity
Thank you David Sh.... there's a cure for aids
Ignorance shall be no more, mums and children aren't prey

Humanity will rise supporting democracy
The fathers will be heard reporting mysteries
The mothers will stand up and fight, in their courage take note
The suffragettes indeed, they did win the vote

My name is Mary Anne, is that familiar to you?
I stand for what I am, a mother, that is the truth
I cannot stand a lie, I'm gonna show you the door
Were not going back to where we came from before

A long time a go when the earth was green
There were more kinds of animals than you'd ever seen
But can you imagine the most dangerous of all...
This mother standing here, be careful boy, you're gonna fall

goodbye Uncle Sam

Mary XXX

nohope187 04-10-2005 04:04 PM

Re: let's all sing along - Uncle sam's Unicorn Song
Okay Mary, Fa lalala lala! Happy now? hehe! :-P

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