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Yeoshua 08-05-2005 05:12 PM

This summer
Had a lot of time on my hands this summer, I like films.

I grew up om Star Wars, from being from being 6 years old, I was Star Wars mad.

My first figures were C3PO and R2D2, oh, and a blow up light sabre.

I saw ep. 3 the day it came out, excellent.

But may I say? after I saw it, the best film by far I've seen this year, is Batman Begins. It raises the bar for films of its genre.

Don't get me wrong, I love quality films. Betty Blue is my favourite.

The Star Wars films were just superb, I have autographs, memorabilia etc.......

EPIII Was fantastic.....I never thought I'd say this:

But Batman Begins.........

Comic book.



Better than Star Wars.


War of the Worlds was ok, but those kids?!

"Get in the car!", they're fucking about.

"Get in the car!", no, they'd rather walk.

"Come with me", They stand still.

"Stand still!" They're fucking about.

"Shut up!" They're making a fucking noise.

"Make a noise!" Nope, they say fuck all.

"Run!" they dawdle about.

"Don't you dare go over that hill you tit, you'll get blown to smithereens." - Guess what?


The dozy looking turd potters off over the hill.

Kids - ppppht!

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