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08-07-2005 06:45 PM

And behind door three...
First, let me say that this is only conjecture, but it needs to be out there, just in case something does happen.
A lot of people assumed that the next grand faux terrorist attack would occure on the 59th anniversery of the hiroshima blast, although it has come and gone, on the 6th, we still need to chance a thought of when they might think the time is right, to carry out the furtherance of their master plan.
I have this to say on that, living in Canton Ohio, and knowing that there were people that were being identified by the powers that be, as being in the alquida cell group , living in this area, I want to tell you this observation.
Right after September 11th, possibly in October, I was at a local store, and as I was entering, a small cessna or piper cub flew strangely low directly overhead, heading east to west, then in a very very tight turn it started going directly to the south, it flew directly towards the Ashland Marathon refinery, and although it had already been flying low, once it got to the refinery it took what looked like a dive into the area, I lost sight of it for a minute, but then it rose again and then took off in a westerly direction, could it have been a test flight, I don't know, but it was very peculiar, also in the same time period I was at a local library, I was entering at the same time that two very easternly looking characters were entering, I headed to sign in to use the computer, and they went directly to them, without signing in, after what had happened I was surprised that the librarians didnt atleast tell them that they needed to sign in, when they always told me that I needed to do so, anyways I headed over to use the computer, and I sat right next to them, they were deffinately talking in a middle eastern language, so I couldn't say what they were talking about, I got an emergency call to head home, otherwise I would have stayed to get a license plate number when they finally decided to leave, sometime afterwards, I'm not sure how long afterwards, possibly a month, the library went up in flames, I don't think they ever reported the reason for it, was somebody trying to erase computer records, I don't know.
Well getting back to the point of my story, tomarrow (Aug 8th) is the football hall of fame game, and what would be a better time to possibly hit Ashland oil, like I said its only conjecture , but if something happens on the 8th, remember you heard it here first.
If you've got a tivo or vcr, tape the game, as for me I'll have my gas mask near by.
Wish me luck .

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