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Default Re: We need to unite

Hey GoodKnight,

I hear you loud and clear. I am a Christian, but when I discuss the NWO with others, I try to keep my personal religious beliefs out of the discussion, staying within the parameters of logic and reason (not to imply that my Christian beliefs are not logical nor reasoned). It's hard enough to get someone to listen to you in regards to this issue and have them not think of you as a wacko; throw God and Satan into the mix and people will think you're a religious wacko. Take abortion, for example. My opposition to abortion doesn't only stem from my religious views, but from my use of logic and reason. It is murder anyway you cut it. One needn't be religious to see the logic. It is the same with homosexuality.

Many religious people see their role as evangelisers, and when they encounter someone who sees the moral rot in our society but yet does not see "the light" in regards to religion, they take it as a personal affront. I have been guilty of this in the past, but as I have aged, I have realised that it is an individual endeavour to come to the Lord.

Let's fight the good fight, and not each other.


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