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Default Re: Please Believe This

in the past i have worked for the masonic lodges
i wasnt that happy about it but money is money i do not care where it comes from only that i have gained it through my own honest deeds and work.

that said i have found the masons to be the most secretive arugant self opinionated liars i have ever met.

if your not one of them then you arnt worth talking too as far as they are concerned.

they claim to do charity work yet i have never seen any evidance of this.
they claim to be good yet everyone knows difrent.

this is not an old boys organisation and should not be compared to it, the fact that some old boys have been brainwashed does not make it one either.

if an organisation feels the need to carry on behind closed doors and use multiple secret leg and handshakes whilst keeping the public at a distance then i say that organisation is up to no good.

if you are beeing investigated by so many agencys that says to me you are guilty of somthing if not all of it so cling to your so called brothers they will not help you when the crunch comes such is the way of secrety societys.

masons and iluminate last i looked there did not seem to be any distinguishing borders between the two perhaps the masons are the iluminate foot soldiers. who knows?

show me proof of innocence i will change my views but at the moment the masons have a lot to answer for. what are you and them hiding that cant be publicly aired, please do tell.......
soon you will realize that you are an idea held together by thought :lol:
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