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Default Re: Oct 17, 2005 a date to keep in mind

She adresses valid points.

i have no crystal ball nor a direct line to God as George Bush has...but I believe the talk of immenent disaster for the U.S to be a complete con.

They will draw out the tension for a couple more years...collapsing the economy as they go.

By combining a high oil price with a chaotic M.E and immenant release of virulent virus's they will cower the average peasant with a rain of left jabs to keep us destabilised. They will blame the economic disaster on everyone else bar themselves.

Asia will be taking the full force of the wrath of the irate WASP. That will help to solve China's "surplus" population and keep whitey VERY nervous at home and looking to the government to protect them from Mother Natures (Ft Deitrichs) wrath.

Rather than a death dealing blow it will be death via multiple causes...over an extended period.

When "they" talk of WMD's on American soil they are whacking the rat cage...they would'nt have the guts.
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