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Default Re: Unlawful search & seizure?

Another aspect of the "just-us" system is that in municipal courts and for minor offences if you are summoned as a defendant, then you might as well be guilty whether you really are or not. To spend $100's on legal defence over a ticket for $50 seems ridiculous, right? What I mean is, the prosecutor will most likely coach the witness to say just what is needed to find you guilty. Your best strategy is to speak with the prosecutor in the pre-hearing session and convince him/her to drop the case. Now, this is corruption on a small scale. But suppose the police suspect you of something, but don't have admissible evidence? There is a process called "Information laundering" that could be used to fabricate or to legitimize information gotten about you by illegal means. How do we know that a certain "phychic" detective isn't simply laundering illegally gained information about a suspect? How do we know that the suspect isn't being framed?
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