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Default Re: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" - Comparing Iraq To Vietnam. Video Montage

truebeliever wrote:
Given the context of the current comparison between Vietnam and Iraq I decided to make a video montage that represented that the same forces that moved through the Pentagon in the 60's are moving through it today.

The Pentagon is filled with "Lenninist/Trotskyites/Stalinists" in love with the rational, bar graphs and data spreadsheets. They are materialists/satanists...sociopaths who cannot connect their ideologies and world view/actions with the result...human death and suffering.

Robert McNamara has at least had the decency to question his beliefs and claims he is only now understanding his actions of the past.

There are a few "Neo-Cons" who need to do the same. Perhaps they will do their own documentary like McNamara in 40 years, shedding crocodile tears for what they have done.

"Let The Bodies Hit The Floor"...aka: "The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same". 7.5 meg WMV file.
Very interesting. Now listening to the second clip, very revealing. Thanks for posting the link.
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