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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

Some countries are still quite nationalistic, such as Japan and China for instance
Obviously, this New World Order scheme has less support in the Eastern World, which demonstrates that it is essentially a Western phenomenon which tracks to the sources most conspiracy researchers have agreed on, i. e., Illuminati, Zionists, Jesuits, etc. Although I would say that Japan is much more homogenized after our post-WWII reconstruction. I think most current Japanese citizens are atheistic, materialistic and revere the state as an all-encompassing entity. Not really nationalism in the traditional sense, but rather the global one.

And where does it say the non-white races are slated for total genocide?
The numerous Satanic, Talmudic quotes which have been associated with The Protocols and other Illuminati primers all speak of "the profane goyim", meaning those socially inferior and unfit to live. The Talmud even states that the best of the goyim should still be killed. Further, it is painfully obvious that Western society stratifies non-whites much lower than the caucasian peasantry, but if you really need proof, just look at the African AIDS epidemic, which was engineered by Western intelligence to cull millions of "useless eaters" from the world population roles.
Or look at Freemasonry and Albert Pike's role in the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan.
No doubt in my mind. While the New World Order intends universal slavery for most of the Western World, it has almost no use at all for non-Western cultures, other than to pilfer their natural resources.
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