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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

I guess there's a semantical difference in our reasonings. So by being an "Aryan World Order" you in fact mean that the elites are Khazarian and not white (in the traditional sense)?
No, I'm saying that the Jewish, Zionist component of the NWO is largely a farce, because most contemporary Jews have more in common with Western cultures genetically than the original inhabitants of Palestine. As Arthur Koestler states in The Thirteenth Tribe:

This, however, creates a tragic paradox, because the Jewish religion - unlike Christianity, Buddhism or Islam - implies membership of a historical nation, a chosen race.
The vast majority of today's Jews can no more trace than lineage back to the original tribes of Israel than could Atila the Hun; in fact, they are probably more closely related to Atila.
So getting back to your original question in this post, the strict adherence to European racial integrity might be the very last thing that the NWO wants to encourage, since this would in fact debunk one of their most pernicious wedge issues: Zionism.
Everything -- and everybody -- have to be thrown into the washing machine and come out the same in order for this one world government plan to succeed. Those whose cultures are too different to submerge within the whole won't even make it to the washing machine. They will just get tossed out with the trash.
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