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Default Re: A World of Difference...

Has anyone considered the possibility of a "coup" by the Blue Hat "Internationalist" element of U.S armed forces to be on the cards?

The "Neo-Cons" have put in the setup. The over the top Bush administration. Those same "neo-con" elements have now mostly left...some to plumb pozzies in the Internationalist arm of the NWO. I actually believe Bush is a COMPLETE patsy and is actually unaware of his role?

With a continual ramping up of ridiculous behaviours by the "neo-cons" and threats of Armageddon and World the stage being set for a NWO Internationalist take over by the U.N of the continental U.S, based around the moral high ground gained by the ridiculous behaviour of the "neo-con" element?

Have any of you actually considered how TOTALLY ridiculous and OVER THE TOP the "Neo-Con" (actually Stalinist/Trotskyites/Leninist - Statists - Command & Controllers) time has been? They have been OVERTLY OUTRAGES!!!! in their claims and actions. They have literally GALVINISED the "left" into the role of "saviour" through the multilateral and above all "secular - humanist" U.N.

Cant you see the con? Any half wit can work out Bush is an idiot and a danger...big deal. This is PURE PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLOUTION.

I stated about 6 months ago on this site the possibilty of the stage being set for a coup. I thought of this after reading the start to Bill Stills "NWO - Ancient Plan Of Secret Societies". He stated that he heard from a serving, high ranking U.S Army Officer in the early 70's that if Nixon did not go the Armed Forces was ready to stage a coup. Are we aware that Smedley Butler (author of "War Is A Racket" and ex-Marine General) was asked to head a coup to topple...(my memory fails me).

I am convinced this current "sacked" U.S General is part of the beginning of a larger plan that will ensure over the next year or so as the world is plunged into chaos, the U.N will be able to maintain the moral high ground when order is being kept on U.S streets by "Blue Hats".

By the overt staging of combined Russian/Chinese war games, the average person is being led to believe that the rest of the world is reacting to the ridiculous and impossible plans contained in the PENAC document. We are to be led to believe that war is INEVITABLE unless Bush is R-E-M-O-V-E-D. After he has done the D-I-R-T-Y W-O-R-K of course and after all the chaos he's brought on, not ONE peice of the Surveillence Police State will be removed by the Ministry Of Love set up by the U.N on U.S soil.
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