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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

Yes, that is one of the the constants I have noted in my own studies of this conspiracy, and this has largely contributed to my conclusion that it is a Satanic conspiracy and not just predicated on greed or lust for power.
There is an absolute mania on the part of the NWO to discredit and eradicate Christianity, while it is significant to note that they are willing to incorporate elements of most other belief systems into their globalist theocracy.
I agree absoloutly.

There is also a strong element of the simple need to "control" and "manage" the planet that comes from a genuine fear of the ELite of the masses and their desire for a say in how the planet is run.

Christianity and Islam also ask for it because they DEMAND allegience to God (as does Judaisim) over the State and the Earthly powers that be.

The Eastern ways NEVER challenge state power and in fact encourage "passivity" in the face of external situations that demand concrete action. The problem lies in "you" and your karma, previous lives, childhood (modern day psychotherapy) etc...

I will not deny that their is an element of truth in this...that often, we must focus on ourselves before we can "change the world". However, I believe these belief systems are being pushed for the specific purpose of creating a "passive" and disconnected peasantry who will simply go off to meditate to change the world instead of also writing a letter to their member of parliament or making copies of documentaries to give to their friends.
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