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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

truebeliever wrote:
The Eastern ways NEVER challenge state power and in fact encourage "passivity" in the face of external situations that demand concrete action. The problem lies in "you" and your karma, previous lives, childhood (modern day psychotherapy) etc...

I will not deny that their is an element of truth in this...that often, we must focus on ourselves before we can "change the world". However, I believe these belief systems are being pushed for the specific purpose of creating a "passive" and disconnected peasantry who will simply go off to meditate to change the world instead of also writing a letter to their member of parliament or making copies of documentaries to give to their friends.
The Eastern ways never challenged state power because Eastern states were traditionally based on a "solar" spiritual reality (see <a href="">Evola</a>) and were genuinely "Right Wing" (see <a href="">László András</a>), that is: Divine Law and Order; in contrast to the Left Wing attitude which is chaos, revolution, disintegration, degeneration etc.

To interpret Eastern doctrines as "passive" is a typically Western mistake, due to the "pragmatism" of Western thought. The Western mind is totally contaminated by the Marxist-Leninist/Socialist/Materialist way of seeing the world.

The "passivity" of Eastern doctrines is in regard to the Ego - the false center of the body, as opposed to the true Center of the Spirit - meaning that one should control and master the Ego so that one can "act without acting", that is pure action without desire or emotion or wishing a particular outcome. An Act of pure Will is the only action that is really FREE.

The result is true Action, as opposed to Passion.

See this little article on <a href="">Zen by Evola</a>.

See also this discussion on another forum on <a href="">Acting without desire-Julius Evola</a>.
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