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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

You're right Drak...but in my defense...

I believe these belief systems are being pushed for the specific purpose of creating a "passive" and disconnected peasantry who will simply go off to meditate to change the world instead of also writing a letter to their member of parliament or making copies of documentaries to give to their friends.
The world view of the East should not be transplanted holus bolus onto Western Minds. Carl Jung said that to wear Eastern Garments over the top of the Western Mind was a mistake. We needed something else. A synthisis of East and West that was NOT a compromise but something new.

As for new...? I just finished reading the Gospel of John. Only took me 34 years but I got their eventually. I read in it Western words for some new age concepts...such as "i must decrease so He may increase". In the New Age..."surrendering the ego for the self". Whatever. I just dont think we've even given Christianity a chance.

As for the East...look at India! What a SHIT HOLE!!!!! They can keep there "inner way" if it means living like a dog and dying like one. Even Ghandi stated he thought Western civilization might be a "good idea".

To interpret Eastern doctrines as "passive" is a typically Western mistake, due to the "pragmatism" of Western thought. The Western mind is totally contaminated by the Marxist-Leninist/Socialist/Materialist way of seeing the world.
Yes, you're right. Perhaps there needs to be a balance of both. I guess there's a time for each. A time for seasons. A time to let go and a time to reach, la, la...
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