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Default Re: A World of Difference...

I actually believe Bush is a COMPLETE patsy and is actually unaware of his role?
No doubt in my mind about that.
I wish there was a lot more I could argue in that post you just made, truebeliever, but unfortunately (for those of us living in the U. S.), there isn't.
Bush is the unwitting precursor to American revolution. There seems to be no doubt about that.

Have any of you actually considered how TOTALLY ridiculous and OVER THE TOP the "Neo-Con" (actually Stalinist/Trotskyites/Leninist - Statists - Command & Controllers) time has been? They have been OVERTLY OUTRAGES!!!! in their claims and actions. They have literally GALVINISED the "left" into the role of "saviour" through the multilateral and above all "secular - humanist" U.N.

Cant you see the con? Any half wit can work out Bush is an idiot and a danger...big deal. This is PURE PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLOUTION.
Yes, it seems as you say that the whole thing is set up as overtly as possible to enrage the masses to action. For instance, don't you think the neocons could have thought up a better excuse than this to feed the mainstream media about the kneejerk ouster of a four star general with only three months left until retirement?
They want the world to know. They are provoking the reaction, promoting revolution. That is obvious.
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