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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

I know we speak the same language, Truebeliever. I see your points. India is a shithole, yes, because the Age of Dissolution - Kali Yuga, does not discriminate; it affect the whole world, but because it's a Western phenomenon moving towards the East the West is further gone and has sunk lower than the East. That doesn't mean the East is not affected; on the contrary, Eastern spirituality has degenerated as well, so one can't look for help to save Western wisdom and spirituality by looking to the East, UNLESS one is perfectly aware of the degeneration of their wisdom AS IT IS INTERPRETED TODAY. Meaning: the Tao-Te-Ching, Vedanta, Zen, etc., still transmit a genuine Divine Knowledge; THEY never changed! The perception and the "interpretation" of these doctrines is the factor that's changed. The understanding of their symbolism and esoteric meaning has gone underground; has withdrawn, until it's time for it to reemerge. Until that happens it is the duty and responsibility and PURPOSE of those who KNOW their vocation and true Self to conserve and preserve, guard and protect this Divine Knowledge.

As far as "combining" Eastern and Western knowledge into something "new" is concerned, this is where Julius Evola comes in. He claims that the Eastern knowledge really doesn't differ from its Western counterpart. If you look at the Hermetic Tradition of the Western Middle Ages for example, the symbolism is different but its MEANING IS THE SAME. So really, there is no need to look to the East for the "salvation" of Western spirituality; one needs to REDISCOVER the Western wisdom. This you can accomplish by studying Eastern wisdom of course, and comparing it to its Western counterpart one realises more and more its universal character...
This has been my primary interest for the last couple of years.

Regarding the topic of this thread I just like to say that the Zionist/Kabbalist Judeocrats of Israel are the ones making race a taboo issue, because they know full well the importance of race in these matters. They themselves are of course racist - which is completely natural thing to be if one is mentally and spiritually awake - but they promote "equality" for the non-Jewish goyim so that they stay asleep, totally unaware of their racial and spiritual identity. Would they wake up the Judeocrats' spiritual hegemony would be over in a split second.
They are the ones wanting to mix all OTHER races but keep their own race pure, because mixing makes other races lose their ancestral, spiritual and blood heritage and tradition, while they, the Khazar/Jewish Zionist Judeocrats, keep their racial identity and cohesion intact. This is their source of power.

They are "chosen" to benefit and prosper in the Age of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, at the expense of all other peoples.
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