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Thanks for these.

I have a few problems though. Alot simply does not add up.

I first read "Hunt For Zero Point" about 4 years ago. I was willing to believe the claims of Nick Cooke with the caveat that he was prime Intelligence and disinfo material...mixing truth & lies to muddy the waters. He works for Janes Defence Weekly...the PREMIERE military/industrial rag.

If you have some knowledge of Nazi war experiments and prototype weapons you will understand that the book at first glance is believable. As an example...Albert Speer (Hitlers Armaments Minister) lamented that if they had persued Infra Red Guided Missile technology in early 1943 instead of the V1 and V2 weapons...they would have blown enemy bombers from the sky with ease. Speer is NOT known for idle bragging. I believe it was 1953 before U.S technology was capable of this. Also...the late model Panther tank had infra red sights and a "gyro stabilised" cannon plus other goodies that the U.S did not match for nearly ten years.

The point is...there is shit being kept from us that we can only imagine. Thats for sure.

However, the video's simply dont match up to what we are talking about. We are talking about the GREATEST revoloution in technology known to man...and yet these poxy vids are all we get? Faking those examples would be E-A-S-Y...why has'nt Hutchinson made more of an attempt to convince us? A "simple" magnet could produce most of those effects plus simply hanging things upside down. Why does the camera NEVER follow the object "upwards"? The camera is hand held so dont tell me it's on a stand. Cooke alledges that the U.S Army spent time with Hutchinson and produced AMAZING results. Where is the footage? Before you say "classified"...if it's THAT classified why is Hutchinson still walking upright and producing his own home movies? They could kill him a million and one ways and raise only slight suspicion. Come one...

I want to believe...i really do. I'm sick of half assed, blurry UFO footage and amature half assed "Hutchinson Effect" footage. I want clear and well produced video with a plethora of tests and examples to show I'm not being duped...for starters, how about filming the ENTIRE test area and following the object "up".

Perhaps that is available and I would like to see it if you have it.

Another possible scenario is something I thought about a few months ago...these effects are real and zero point energy is going to be released soon...perhaps under the guise of "Hot Fusion" where we will be led to believe ONLY multi billion dollar fusion reactors can give us good clean power while all the time it's "zero point" and easily obtained.

They have crucified us with the over the top Neocons who in every action they make seem to be sending us to hell whether it's war or global warming and their refusal to sign the Kyoto protocol.

After we have been "sauted" in this "mad mix" and are begging to be saved from this Christian Fundamentalist, Unilateral, Fascistic (ha!), nationalistic fool...we will gladly hand over our soverignty to a Multilaterl, Secular, Socialist, Internationalist U.N who will suddenly pull out of their ass ALL the goodies they have been holding back...including free energy.

With such a sigh of releief and ORDER restored to the planet we will forget about those Police State powers and surveillence camera's and quietly tell ourselves..."well, it beats living under the mad Yanks".

Thats my little theory anyway. I hope it's all true and Hutchinson is the "mad scientist" that Hollywood can make a movie out of. Watch for movies about Tesla soon. Big productions.
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