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Default Re: If Peak Oil is a myth, why is the US even dealing with the Saudis?

Eisenhower is said to have said..."the Middle East is the greatest economic prize of the war".

M.E oil is EXTREMELY easy to bursts from the ground in 40ft hard do you think it is to extract it? It is currently $1.20 per barrel to produce Saudi Oil...$60+ to buy...who needs drugs with this profit margin.

Also, the high oil price has more to do with WILD speculation by Oil brokers than ANY sort of supply problems be they litteral oil production or refining capacity. Every time Ruppert opens his gob and sprouts on..."oil will be $100 per barrel before the end of the year"...the collective orgasmic gasp from "hoarders" speculating on said price is quite audible. Ruppert certainly has ALOT of supporters...some VERY qualified...and...ALL oil industry people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee, cant think why that would be. The oil industry puts up whole page adds saying they are concerned about "oil supply" in the future and people say..."see! See! It is true. Even the oil industry admits it!" Admits what? That they will be making HUGE profits by talking up scarcity? Well...duh! People are fucking stupid to belive this shit.

In the end...sitting on oil reserves is more about CONTROL than profits. Currently I am in COMPLETE agreement with Dave McGowan who writes extensively on this subject and I urge you to read ALL his writings...

At the pure "profit level" of explanation...hoarding your own reserves close to you while exausting others makes perfect sense. But beyond this is a far more complex and multi layered explanation.

NOMAD is right when he points out that Sudi Princes are in fact "Jewish" (hard to believe I know but look it up) and were the COMPLETE and UTTER creation of the British after they kicked the Turks out in WW1.

Oil is a major currency stabiliser and open cheque book for the U.S. With huge profits, the Saudis invest it where? Wall Street. When you exchange the most common good in U.S dollars you enable massive monetary expansion without inflation...virtually a open cheque book...until people decide to trade in another currency...perhaps Saddams biggest mistake.

Oil shortages is just ONE of the methods that will be used to cower the peasants of the world into submission. Iraq is about CUTTING OFF oil supply rather than increasing it.

It is VITAL that the U.N have the moral high ground when the coming economic collapse comes and being able to blame oil supply problems, war and chaos caused by Bush and global warming etc... the U.N will be more able to exert influence on the local peasants to look towards centralised world government as their only saviour.

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