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Default The Libertarian Deception?

How to do this.

Freaking wake up man. The Chicago School is where free trade economists are trained. The "Chicago School" is synonymous with the "Rockefeller School".


It took me a while to figure this twist out. It's when I noticed the Taft-Roosevelt-Wilson election was exactly the same thing as the Bush-Perot-Clinton election that I made the connection.

The insiders needed Roosevelt to topple Taft (against the FED) to install Wilson (for the FED). Wilson was a D the congress was held by the R. (This trick required a Holiday.) Exactly the same thing happened 80 years later when the insiders needed Perot to topple Bush to install Clinton to get NAFTA passed. Since the D was in control of the congress it was necessary to have a D Pres to press against the D grain (pro labor) to get it on their (the insiders) time table.

I thought free trade was a good idea until I saw how they elected Clinton and how the D party was gutted by older constituents as a result. Some call it Newt's contract on American, others say it was a reaction to Hillarycare but that's pure BS. It was because Clinton got enough D's to turn their back on the people that voted for them and they stayed away or registered a protest vote.

So here's the gig. The R's are war mongers who get us bogged down (like Johnson). The people pissed at Clinton and the D's are dead or senile. The R's got their freedom stripping laws. When they are replaced by the D's, we'll get collectivism and mulitculturalism on steriods and America will be defeated.

Maybe the FED tightens, if necessary, to bring this all about.

Back to the subject of free trade. Name one country that has ever risen to power using the economic prescription of the "Chicago School". Just one.

We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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