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Default Re: Who pays your wages?

Yeoshua wrote:
Hey, Prof, who pays your wages?

Apart from your 'book'?

Beacon y1968 v42 7 Jan_Feb p203 - EDUCATION AND FREEMASONRY -- A Student

Slag me off?

People who live in glass houses.............

A long way to go for a date?

Yeah, 5.00 in a taxi.

Prof, you've been lying, you can quote me on that.

As listed by Biblioquest (

1. A Long Way To Go For A Date - Silas Green

2. Ask Henry - New York: ACE Books, 1962

3. Profiles In Canadian Literature - Dundurn Press, Toronto, 1980. Heath, Jeffrey M., ed (Co-Authors: . Germaine Warkentin, Dyanne Gibson, W.J. Keith, D.M.R. Bentley, Francis Zichy, D.J. Dooley, Henry Makow, Mary Louise Craven, John O'Connor, Gordon Johnston, George Hopton, Zailig Polloch, Peggie Karfilis, E.A. Walker.)

Unable to reference literature you are refering to Yeoshua.

Whois the liar?
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