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Default Re: Greg Palast: truth of Lucifers Invisible Cord

Greg does a good job of making calls. My take on Pat is that he was born into the system and groomed for his position but tried to break from the network and wrote his book New World Order which does a good job of laying out some real history and of the master plan on the NWO. He's since been forced back with satanic tactics (hurting his loved ones, etc). Just speculation but his book with his stature seem like more than what the NWO would like to see from their own people. Regardless, I view his book as a good tool to wake people up with to show that this isn't some fringe element of conspiracy-- even if the book is short on some issues.

The tail of Gregs article is interesting...

Let us return to the point on which we began: the Bank of Scotland's US consumer-bank holding company, which Robertson will head. When the bank gets going, it will launch through Robertson's accustomed routes: phone and mail solicitations.

This deal could make Pat Robertson the biggest financial spider on the World Wide Web. The Wall Street Journal believes the bank will be worth $3bn.

Yet Robertson's choice of the Bank of Scotland as partner is surprising because, until this year, he boasted of his English, not Scottish, heritage.

Moreover, in New World Order, he singled out as the apotheosis of Satan's plan for world domination the British-chartered central banks conceived by Scottish banker William Paterson.

In the book Robertson explains that Rothschild interests carried on the Paterson plan, financing diamond mines in Africa which, in turn, funded the 'satanic' secret English Round Table directed by Lord Milner, 'one-time editor' of The Observer. (Ah-ha!)

Furthermore, the Scottish banker's charter became the pattern for the US Federal Reserve Board, a 'diabolic' agency created and nurtured by the US Senate Finance Committee, whose chairman was the 'Money Trust's' dependable friend, Senator A. Willis Robertson - Pat Robertson's father.

Are you following this? That's right. Pat is the scion of the New World Order, who gave up its boundless privileges to denounce it.

Or did he?
As I drove away from the chapel/TV studio/ university/ ministry/banking complex, I realised I, too, had a vision of an Invisible Cord that went from Scottish bankers to African diamonds to the Senate Finance Committee to Christian conservatives to the communist dictators to the World Wide Web...
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