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Default Re: JESUS WAS NOT A Jew

The real jews (isralites) are mostly mixed with the kazar. There are grups like the sephardites who are truly ethnic isralites and another grup calle the karites whom despize the talmud. but since there are few of these they tend to mix with the ashkenazi (kazar) for cultural reasons. Most jews in power in israel are askenazi kazars non religoius they are zionist. Real jews can be found in zionist or antizionist groups interestinly there are many who long ago converted to Christianity or to islam but still keep some vestige of there past.

Today it s very difficult if not impossible to distinguish among them and pick a real isralite, there are some genetic markings but arabs have them also. In General we can only speak of jews who do not follow the talmud or the kabbalah as people who most resemble them but ultimatly its going to have to be left to God in his time.

p.s. sorry fopr thr double post i erred and placed this sam answer somewhere else.
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