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Default Re: Michael Moore Ignores Rampant Vote Fraud

Ozziecynic wrote:

And let me ask you all something are we all not part of the system to some degree give me one good reason why any of you are not part of the system! Further this site is also part of the system to havent you noticed, it is also hosted by a mainstream webhost set up on the same conventions as many forums just like it.
So that by my reasoning makes it and Henry Makow part of the system. This logic you have of believing you are somehow independent of the system has no ounce of crediability to me.

Ozzie for 1: the "system" did not

give Michael Moore the millions to make and

promote 911 to shoot itself in the foot.

With 911 it achieved its objectives perfectly

by making millions more BELIEVE in the system

and get out the record vote.

2. The ORIGINAL 911 movie was made by Alex

Jones of and that movie

showed the problem with BOTH political parties

and did not lead you to believe that one party

would save you from the evils of the other.
\" What luck for rulers that men don\'t think \"
Adolf Hitler

The New World Order: privatizing money printers,
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