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BOUNCER...rap was integral to the Black Panther movement. It was political in nature. I am not an expert on the subject but people I speak to who are, tell me there is no relation to it's original roots in todays gangsta rap.

The reason so much CRAP gets on the airwaves is because there are millions of dollars of drug money to spend promoting it on radio and television. Now music industry promoters pay the telly and radio people to play it rather than the other way around.

If you can, get the doco "Biggie & Tupac". It will give you a little insight into the world of Coke and Meth and music studio's and police corruption...especially in L.A.

The CIA is in head first with these spankers.

Onto the original topic...regarding Jews and's interesting that Freud said to Carl Jung that he must make Psychology a "bulwark". Jung asked..."against what?" Freud replied..."the black tide of occultism". I dont believe Freud was "in" with anyone inparticular, athough I believe he lived well in England. The problem with any psychology is when you apply it as a "cure all" for all people at all times.
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