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There is no break, there is no schism, no fly in the ointment. Fortune cookie Riffat simply can't see the forest from the tree; or, even worse, he is purposely bullshitting the ignorant. The international money power is firmly in control of its lieutenants in the U.S. and every place else.

Riffat did not remotely foresee that the U.S. government organized to have four planes fly into various buildings. Neither he, nor Dames, nor any other foreseers went on Art Bell or Jeff Rense, or any other place, to forewarn people of the coming Taliban airliners. But suddenly his remote vision is perfectly clear.

The U.S. government have been working on a plan for years to entice Russia to attack the U.S. and Europe. It was a decade ago that William Clinton issued the executive order to absorb the first nuclear strike. (Just as it was the U.S. government that made sure that Hitler was not stopped while he was weak; and worked out and implemented a plan to provoke Japan into attacking the U.S.)

Russia have been used by the international money power to defeat Napoleon who wanted to liberate Europe from the oligarchy residing in London. The money power used Russia to defeat the up and coming Germans in the great war for democracy. Then Stalin thought something big and aimed to conquer the planet for himself (imagining he could outsmart the smart ones), but the international money power used the Germans to stop him (and made the planet a safe place for the nwo in the process). The Russian leaders seemed to have been fixated on this -- historic mission, Nova Roma, testament of Peter the great -- dream vision. And the money power used this carrot to lure them into doing their biddings. Putin seems to be no more wise or any less gullible than the Romanovs and the pan-Slavs. (And I don't believe for a minute that he is a good guy). They will not achieve their dreams; but, by destroying the armed forces of the evil empire, they will do the survivors a favour, or at least give them a chance to start with a clean slate. Or, the money power will accomplish their plan and the brave new world of New Atlantis will befall upon the generation(s) following us.

The U.S. government is also working on a plan to bring about an other great depression during which they expect to shake down China and bring it under their control. The communist Chinese government still owns its central bank and controls its finances. That is unacceptable. What better (tried and true) way to bring China into the fold than a world-wide recession which will be a disaster for China that is completely dependent on foreign markets.


In a book published in the last century [19th] as the posthumous memoirs of the chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont, there appeared a very remarkable document purporting to be the will of Peter the Great. The notorious A'Eon is known to have gone to Russia in the disguise of a woman, as a secret envoy from France. It is said that his intimacy with the lascivious empress Elizabeth gave him extraordinary opportunities for making important discoveries, and that he transmitted this document to Louis XV, in 1757.

Doubts have been cast upon the authenticity both of the memoirs and of the so-called will ; but we are not aware that the subject has ever undergone such a thorough inquiry as it certainly deserves. Independently, however, of its authenticity, the will possesses great intrinsic interest, as embodying principles of action which have been notoriously followed out by Russia during the last hundred years, with such modifications as time and circumstances, and the variations of the European equilibrium have rendered necessary. The will begins thus :

" In the name of the holy and indivisible Trinity, We, Peter, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, &c, &c, to all our successors on the throne and in the government of the Russian nation.

" Forasmuch as the Great God, who is the author and giver of our life and crown, has constantly illumined us with his light, and upheld us during his support," &c, &c.

Here Peter sets out in detail that, according to his view, which he takes to be also that of Providence, he regards the Russian nation as destined hereafter to exercise supreme dominion over Europe. He bases his opinion on the fact that the European nations have for the most part fallen into a condition of decrepitude, not far removed from collapse, whence he considers that they may easily be subjugated by a new and youthful race, as soon as the fatter shall have attained its full vigour.

The Russian monarch looks upon the coming influx of the northerns into the east and west, as a periodical movement, which forms part of the scheme of Providence, which, in like manner, by the invasion of the barbarians, effected the regeneration of the Roman world. He compares these emigrations of the polar nations with the inundations of the Nile, which at certain seasons fertilise the and soil of Egypt.

He adds, that Russia, which he found a brook, and should leave a river, must, under his successors, grow to a mighty sea, destined to fertilise worn-out Europe ; and that its waves would advance over all obstacles, if his successors were only capable of guiding the stream. On this account he leaves behind him for their use the following rules, which he recommends to their attention and constant study, even as Moses consigned his tables of the law to the Jewish people.


" 1. The Russian nation must be constantly on a war footing to keep, the soldiers warlike and in good condition. No rest must be allowed, except for the purpose of relieving the state finances, recruiting the army, or biding the favourable moment for attack. By this means peace is made subservient to war, and war to peace, in the interest of the aggrandisement and increasing prosperity of Russia.

" 2. Every possible means must be used to invite from the most cultivated European states commanders in war, and philosophers in peace : to enable the Russian nation to participate in the advantages of other countries, without losing any of its own.

" 3. No opportunity must be lost of taking part in the affairs and disputes of Europe, especially in those of Germany, which, from its vicinity, is of the most direct interest to us.

" 4. Poland must be divided, by keeping up constant jealousies and confusion there. The authorities must be gained over with money, and the assemblies corrupted so as to influence the election of the kings. We must get up a party of our own there, send Russian troops into the country, and let them sojourn there so long that they may ultimately find some pretext for remaining there for ever. Should the neighbouring states make difficulties, we must appease them for the moment, by allowing them a share of the territory, until we can safely resume what we have thus given away.

" 5. We must take away as much territory as possible from Sweden, and contrive that they shall attack us first, so as to give us a pretext for their subjugation. With this object in view, we must keep Sweden in opposition to Denmark, and Denmark to Sweden, and sedulously foster their mutual jealousies.

" 6. The consorts of the Russian princes must always be chosen from among the German princesses, in order to multiply our family alliances with the Germans, and to unite our interests with theirs ; and thus, by consolidating our influence in Germany, to cause it to attach itself spontaneously to our policy.

" 7. We must be careful to keep up our commercial alliance with England, for she is the power which has most need of our products for her navy, and at the same time may be of the greatest service to us in the development of our own. We must export wood and other articles in exchange for her gold, and establish permanent connexions between her merchants and seamen and our own.

" 8. We must keep steadily extending our frontiers northward along the Baltic, and southwards along the shores of the Black Sea.

" 9. We must progress as much as possible in the direction of Constantinople and India. He who can once get possession of these points is the real ruler of the world. With this view we must provoke constant quarrels — at one time with Turkey, and at another with Persia. We must establish wharves and docks in the Euxine, and by degrees make ourselves masters of that sea, as well as of the Baltic, which is a doubly important element in the success of our plan. We must hasten the downfall of Persia ; push on to the Persian Gulf ; if possible, re-establish the ancient commercial intercourse with the Levant through Syria ; and force our way into the Indies, which are the storehouses of the world ; once there, we can dispense with English gold.

" 10. Moreover, we must take pains to establish and maintain an intimate union with Austria, apparently countenancing her schemes for future aggrandisement in Germany, and all the while secretly rousing the jealousy of the minor states against her. In this way we must bring it to pass that one or the other party shall seek aid from Russia ; and thus we shall exercise a sort of protectorate over the country, which will pave the way for future supremacy.

" 11. We must make the house of Austria interested in the expulsion of the Turks from Europe, and we must neutralise its jealousy at the capture of Constantinople, either by pre-occupying it with a war with the old European states, or by allowing it a share of the spoil, which we can afterwards resume at our leisure.

" 12. We must collect around our house, as round a centre, all the detached sections of Greeks which are scattered abroad in Hungary, Turkey, and South Poland ; we must make them look to us for support, and thus by establishing beforehand a sort of ecclesiastical supremacy, we shall pave the way for universal sovereignty.

" 13. When Sweden is ours, Persia vanquished, Poland subjugated, Turkey conquered — when our armies are united, and the Euxine and the Baltic in the possession of our ships, then we must make separate and secret overtures, first to the court of Versailles, and then to that of Vienna, to share with them the dominion of the world. If either of them accepts our propositions, which is certain to happen if their ambition and self-interest is properly worked upon, we must make use of one to annihilate the other ; this done, we have only to destroy the remaining one by finding a pretext for a quarrel, the issue of which cannot be doubtful, as Russia will then be already in the absolute possession of the east and of the best part of Europe.

" 14. Should the improbable case happen of both rejecting the propositions of Russia, then our policy will be to set one against the other, and make them tear each other to pieces. Russia must then watch for and seize the favourable moment, and pour her already assembled hosts into Germany, while two immense fleets, laden with Asiatic hordes, and convoyed by the armed squadrons of the Euxine and the Baltic, set sail simultaneously from the Sea of Asof and the harbour of Archangel.

" Sweeping along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic they will overrun France on the one side while Germany is overpowered on the other. When these countries are fully conquered the rest of Europe must fall easily, and without a struggle, under our yoke. Thus Europe can and must be subjugated."

From Kelly's "Compilation of Karamsin", Tooke, and Ségur (London, 1854).

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