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Default Re: Possible terrorist attack in Toronto that the lamestream media isn't reporting at the moment

Newest accounts from the streets of Toronto...

Johnny Smith aka: "Rat Boy"... "Whoa Man! Freakin Terrorist Polar Bears man! Freakin flyin in on their allah akbah machines of death man! Freakin sirens from hell dude!!!!"

Stay tuned...more on the spot special reports from Kommunist Kanada soon... :-D :-D :-D :-D 8-)

Sorry THUMPER...could'nt help myself...

i was with my friends at a local school and we were leaving after smoking some fine reefer and we hear these huge loud booms like something blowing up. that was followed by the hugest mass of siren noise for like 5-7minutes and then the sirens died down but you could hear ones occasionally...
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