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>>I believe as a citizen of this country I have every right to as a citizen of this country to access this kind of support to train and be educated for better productive prospects.

Where did you dream up that you have a _right_ to other people's earnins to pay for your training ? (The communist manifesto ?) I you want to go to school, all power to you, but reach into your pocket to pay for it. You, as any other socialist, are very generous with other people's money, but have no compassion or consideration what ever for those from whom this money is forcibly taken. You expect people who paid for the education of their own children to also pay for your education; and in a school, at that, where you learn such subversive ideas.

How is it, that through your tax-payer funded high education you never learned about constitutional republic, limited government ? (No need to answer.)

>> You canstantly post about parasites on the system yet you appear to be opposed to the very same system calling it the NWO, how hypocritical.
Perhaps you would like to re-compose this sentence.
Anyway, the same peple who now are bringing you the NWO, also brought to you marxism, socialism, socialist programs, universal health care, universal child/day-care, universal public education, internationalism, world government, 200 years of world wars, etc.
I am opposed to all that and opposed to those who unleashed them on us.
It is a parasite system. And you are all for it.
George Bush whom you like to desparage just brought to you the Kennedy education bill and pharma care, and is about to introduce national ID cards. How much more do you want from the poor guy ? Albert in the ballance Gore couldn't bring you this much.

As for your other thread
Who is the real enemy ? Whose enemy ?
I am an enemy of the international money power and everything that it bring us.
You are all for it. What gave you the idea that this forum should be a place for disgruntled socialist who do not like the realisation of their long-awaited final stage of societal evolution.


In the Book of Joshua is the ultimate reactionary, populist society.
As according to Yahweh's instruction Joshua divided the land among the children of Jacob/Israel (after properly chasing away the previous residents). A portion of land to each family (free of charge, mortgage, tax, rent), to have and to live on; and to work it and live off it by the work of their own hands. No provision for socialist programs, for re-distribution of earnings, no government in fact, just judges.
Provision was made for the widows, the orphans, the fatherless, the sojourners and the priests.

There was no busibody bureaucrat drone class lording it over the producers, and sticking their paws and noses into the pockets and lives of the people. There were no socialist programs to reward the drunkard with someone else's money for being drunk all the time; or junky for being wasted daily; no money handed to welfare-sluts who pop babies for meal-tickets; no money to no-talent bums in support of 'arts'.
And, to top it all, it was a small, nation state with one nation, one God, one religion; even mixed marriages were discouraged.
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