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Default Re: What Makes Palestinians think they cana?


What is smart? The ability to prey on the compassion of everyday people? To lie and cheat and steal?

To have faith with books which claim the racial superiority of one people over another? Books that allow for the subjucation of other peoples, of other places? That have some of the sickest practices that are borderline Satanic? That say fucking little boys in the arse is o.k? That suck little boys cocks as they circumcise them?

A place where sex slavery rings abound. Where little 13 year old girls are sold...the holy land? A place where organised crime abounds? Where the supoposed Greatest Military In the World shoots little Arab girls 13 times to make sure they're dead? A military that is filled with gutless dogs who cannot fight without massive armoured and arial support against Arabs armed only with rifles and RPG's?

You mean these brave and smart souls?

We live in an iron dark age moving into a high tech one. The materialist Jew thrives in this environment.

May the great Jewish Rabbi return soon to set things straight because the average Jew is in for a rude shock when middle class/tolerant people like me will put up with them no longer.

They think they can suck my island home dry like they have the U.S?

I have news for them.
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