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Default The War and Other Matters!!

The Iraq war is about oil. No matter which way you slice it. No matter how much it hurts knowing that the men and women of our armed services have died and been maimed in a war that was waged for oil and mid-east dominance, the reality is that the Iraq war is about oil, wealth and power orchestrated by the global bankers who control most of the world through our dependence upon them financially. They are our masters and we are their slaves. Like it or not.

The people of this country should be angry. They should be very angry and this anger should open their eyes to the criminals who are in control of our America and the rest of the world where they have suppressed civilization, inflicted suffering and installed their own puppet dictators whom they oust when their agenda has been fulfilled and the time is ripe to take-over and implant what they refer to as democracy and freedom through the slaughter or thousands of innocent men, women and children. It should open their eyes to the truth. The truth may be difficult to digest, but democracy and freedom will never prevail in our country for as long as the people continue to live in the dark. If Congress will not act, then we, the people, need to call for the impeachment of President George W. Bush, Jr. It is the people, after all, whom the President serves and he has not served us well.

America has egg on her face and we have the right-wing,
neo-conservatives and the shadow government to thank for their betrayal of the American people and the world. If you believe this war is being fought for any other reason than for the theft of the Iraqi people’s resources, I propose to you that you are unaware of the “covert” operations and illegal activities that a “rogue” element of the CIA have carried out upon our society and internationally for the past five decades. I propose further that you have been “brainwashed” to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy and that the Warren Commission was not a cover-up. You should also know that you have been deceived and lied to for decades and that the “shadow government,” the men who control our country and our Presidents are responsible for five decades of domestic political murders.

George W. Bush, Jr. has deceived the American people and the world. We now have new enemies. Terrorists pose more of a threat to our nation and the world at present than they did before the United States attacked Iraq under false pretenses. In fact, our current administration poses more of a threat to the American people than Iraq ever did. George W. Bush, Jr. has cast doubt on the credibility of our leaders to act in conscious manner. He has committed the men and women of our armed services, those who wear their uniforms proudly to protect and defend the citizens of this country, into a war based on lies. A war that he and Colin Powell sold to the American people and the world using false intelligence, allegations that Saddam Hussein had connections to Al Qaeda and was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Weapons, they said, that presented an "imminent" threat of danger to the security of our nation. To date, the reasons we were given for the invasion and occupation of Iraq have not been corroborated and former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush, Jr., Paul O'Neill, has informed the world that the Iraq war was in the planning stages one month after this President was placed in power, illegally, with the blessings of the Supreme Court of the United States of America and with assistance from Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush’s partner in crime.

There were false claims made of an attempt by Saddam to purchase “yellow cake” after Joe Wilson’s investigation and report from Nigeria stated that there was no evidence to support this fact. In retaliation and to seek revenge against Mr. Wilson, this administration leaked the name of his wife, Valerie Plame, a “covert” CIA operative. To date, Robert Novak, the first person to leak Ms. Plame’s name to the public, has not been called to testify as to whom his sources were, yet a reporter who refuses to give up her source remains in jail.

This war was not waged to protect the American people from an imminent threat of danger of weapons of mass destruction because that "threat" never existed and those weapons have not been found. The intelligence that the President delivered to the world, as the basis for the reasons to invade Iraq and commit "mass murder" was fabricated and based on lies. The Iraq war was manufactured in an under ground bunker by the members of the Project for a New American Century and the men who comprise the "shadow government" and control President George W. Bush, Jr. There has been no connection made between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. These allegations were fiction from the moment they left the President's mouth, but they served the greater purpose of this administration's "war on terror." "If you harbor terrorists than you are a terrorist," he said. Our President should heed his own warning. There are terrorists here on American soil and within our government disguised as flag-waving, freedom loving Americans who are controlling all of us and who masquerade as the all mighty protectors and defenders of the Constitution of the United States of America when, in fact, they have been chipping away at the core and fabric of this magnificent document since they assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Faced now with an even greater threat of their crimes of covert domestic political assassinations, which span the course of five decades, being exposed and brought to public awareness, they have rapidly and hastily placed in full force and effect a document they call the "Patriot Act," but which is as unpatriotic of America and her freedoms as Hitler was to the Jews. This document was not drawn up shortly after the jumbo jets hit the twin towers. This document has been waiting in the wings to be unveiled to the American people, but, first, the "shadow government" needed a catastrophic event in order to thrust it upon her citizens. They needed a terrorist act in order to tighten the noose around our necks and 9/11 served their purpose. This document serves to squelch our freedom of speech, invade our privacy and to further assist them in silencing those who dare try to expose their dirty laundry and the skeletons in their closets.

These men have no allegiance to America and her citizens. They desire a third world country, marshal law, police state, military rule, fascist, totalitarian, dictatorship, Nazi-style.

They are “devil” worshipping pedophiles who sacrifice children in rituals, use them in sex, pornography and prostitution rings not to mention their fun-filled extravaganzas at Bohemia Grove. The global sex trade is alive and well. Sex slaves from mind control programs are used to blackmail politicians at home and abroad and to satisfy the sexual deviant behavior of men who hold some of the highest government, political and military positions within our country.

The Supreme Court recently stripped us further of our right to privacy and security with their recent ruling of seizure of property for economic interest. We are no longer safe in our homes under the “Patriot Act” (search and seizure) and we can now be “kicked out” of our homes for the benefit of a developer who may want to build a strip mall where we once lived. We are no longer safe in our own homes.

Concentration camps have been photographed throughout our country and they are ready and waiting when the next terrorist attack occurs and Marshall Law is installed. GITMO is a “torture” prison and we can’t know how many mind controlled “assassins” and terrorists they have trained there. However, it is most certain that they will be released back into society and called upon for action when our government decides to attack on America’s soil again.

It could also be possible that some of these detainees had information about 911 and where swept away for this reason. Their memories being erased is probable.

Our government has been torturing and abusing prisoners at home and abroad for decades. The less fortunate are “prime” targets and candidates for testing “torture” techniques, etc.

We know that our President received intelligence regarding the possibility of a terrorist attack occurring on American soil, yet he chose to ignore this threat. The question as to why our President would dismiss such warnings remains unanswered along with the mystery surrounding his National Guard service and the many apparent gaps in his military record. Thus far, he has not yet ordered his military records from any of the Alabama units he supposedly served with and has not provided any witnesses who can say that the President served with them at these units. The commander and deputy of the base have said they do not recall Bush reporting for duty. A man by the name of Calhoune, most probably a paid witness, claims that he saw Bush eight to ten times at Dannelly Air National Guard in Alabama from May to October, 1972; however, Bush’s records reflect that he was not told to report to Dannelly Field until September, 1972 and he did not receive any payment or attendance credits in that May to October period other than for two days at the end of October, 1972. NBC News, who reported the Calhoune statement, went on to say that they had interviewed dozens of others at the Alabama guard base who had seen nothing of him.

This administration has provided the President’s dental records from Dannelly Field as evidence that he served there. Even this is suspect. We cannot be certain that these dental records belong to the President. According to Sgt. Copeland, the disbursement accounting supervisor, a full-time position, for Dannelly Air National Guard Base in Montgomery from October 28, 1972, to October 27, 1975, he is puzzled by dental records that Bush produced as evidence of his duties at Dannelly. “We had no dentist at Dannelly Field,” Copeland said. “The only dentists were at Maxwell Air Force Base.”

Dan Rather, producing documents which shed light on the President’s National Guard Duty, retired recently after these documents were examined by THEIR people and determined to be forgeries. On 911, Mr. Rather made reference to the fact that one of the towers seemed to crumble to the ground like a controlled detonation.

Was he set-up with forged documents or did he step over the line?

Peter Jennings has left us as well. Although he hadn’t smoked for 20 or 30 years, he was a victim of lung cancer. Watch his reaction to the 911 catastrophe.

Our President was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard from May 1972 until April 1973. He spent the summer months of 1972 in rehabilitation and performing community service for a cocaine arrest in Houston, Texas. It’s not enough that he is an admitted alcoholic, but now we have a President who was a cocaine addict, while he was serving in a branch of our military and a war criminal to boot. He was chosen to serve in this plush branch of the military even when his grades were far below hundreds of other candidates seeking entry because of George, Sr.’s underhanded tactics. Our President chose this route in order to escape facing the front lines of battle in the Viet Nam war.

George W. Bush, Jr. was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard, but received an honorable discharge anyway six months earlier than his enlistment period. The fact that George W. Bush, Jr. was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard for a cocaine arrest and received an honorable discharge six months earlier than his service time to attend Harvard University, but his military biography indicates he served six months longer, would indicate that his criminal record and his military record have been tampered with so that the “shadow government” could elevate him to the position of Presidency and use him as one of their puppets. Tampering with federal documents is a criminal offense. Absent without leave from the military is a criminal offense. Waging a war under false pretenses for the benefit of yourself and others is a criminal offense.

The Bush family crime syndicate ise alive and well, thriving behind the scenes of the shadow government, serving in visible political positions and have been part of the “rogue” element of the CIA for more than five decades. Members of their family are responsible for atrocity after atrocity at home and abroad and have, thus far escaped prosecution for their crimes due to their gangster activities, which involve leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake silencing any and all whom could testify against them. Just as Prescott Bush was a war criminal for financially supporting Hitler and escaped prosecution, so, too are his grandson and his son, George, Sr. who was instrumental in the October Surprise, which left President Carter with an unresolved hostage situation shortly before the Presidential election, thus causing the American people to lose faith and remove him from power. Bush, Sr. was also involved in the IRAN/CONTRA scandal and Bush, Jr. and Neil Bush have both had numerous business failings from oil to banking and the taxpayer’s have picked up some of Neil and Jeb’s failed banking debts.

George Bush, Jr. was canvassing the country with James Bath, his ANG buddy, during the winter of his missing time in the ANG. He was in training with the CIA and Bath was his babysitter. Bush, Sr. was a deep sleeper since his graduation from Yale and when CIA director Colby decided to tell Congress during the Iran/Contra hearing that a part of the CIA had gone rogue, Sr. sent a messenger to Congress and threatened them with Marshall Law. Colby was replaced with Sr. to make it look like an independent appointment outside of the “cagency.”

John Kerry is a Skull and Bones’ man and any person belonging to a “secret” society should be prohibited from running for the “highest” office in the land or any political position for that matter. A “secret” government is not for the people, of the people and by the people.

William Jefferson Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and yet our “sitting” President waged a war killing and wounding thousands and has not yet been impeached. President Clinton was placed under oath not because of his sexual conduct with Ms. Lewinsky, but due to the fact that out of the woodwork came crawling women who accused him of sexual misbehavior and an independent counsel was appointed in that regard. Had the issue been isolated to the Lewinsky matter, an impeachment could not have been forthcoming. The Neo-cons made sure that the sexual slime was placed on the internet and the airwaves for all of us to see and hear. Young and old alike without regard for our children.

President George W. Bush, Jr. is a war criminal. Together with his accomplices, they authorized a war under false pretenses and they have maimed and killed thousands of men, women and children in a “war without reason.” It is a senseless war. They have stolen from the taxpayers of this country 89 BILLION dollars and counting, but what does that matter, our government has been borrowing money from the Federal Reserve Board and banks for nearly a century and we will be indebted to them with interest for the rest of our lives. They are the only source of money of the government of the United States of America. Whatever we need to finance, we are forced to borrow from the bankers who own and operate the private entity they refer to as the Federal Reserve Board. This banking entity is not government owned and operated. It is a private lending institution. Some of the wealthiest families in this world are the owners of Class A shares on the money they lend to the government through this entity and this allows them to capture repayment of their loans with interest from us, the taxpayers in this country.

The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson and this Act removed from Congress the power under the Constitution of the United States of America, Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, “to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures. Woodrow Wilson said in a speech that “I unwittingly ruined a great nation” and he did. We are now BILLIONS of dollars in debt for a “senseless war” to some of the wealthiest banking families who own and operate the Federal Reserve Board and Banks. The money our government borrows from them to finance their wars serves the purpose of fueling and funding the “military industrial complex” which keeps this vicious cycle in motion. The military industrial complex needs war to keep the American people in debt to them and to fatten their bank accounts. The saying goes, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” What better way to keep us their slaves.

Our nation’s economy is one of credit. A note is legal tender for all debts public and private. Each time we spend a note, we are incurring more debt for our government and for the people, as the money is loaned to the government by the Federal Reserve Board to pay those of us who are their “workers” and their slaves. These banking families control the world’s economy and we are their hostages. The bankers own us.

In the name of the dead in this war and past wars, these families have lined their pockets with interest on these loans. Most of these elitists have never faced the front lines of battle and many of their children are exempt. It is easy to wage war when you’re not the one called upon to serve and when you live in your “own” world apart from those whom you were elected to serve. Their money, political influence and status gives them a free ride through life while those who are less fortunate put their lives on the line in the name of freedom only to learn that America is not the free country she is portrayed to be and that they were used not in the name of democracy for Iraq, but in the name of greed. The men and women of our armed services have been deceived even greater than we have, but if we can recapture democracy and freedom through the unraveling of this current administration’s lies and falsehoods and the deception of the American people for over five decades by the “shadow government,” then our soldiers will not have died in vain. These men and women were true patriots when they joined the military to protect America from the threat of enemy invasion, but what those who died in this OIL war will never know is that the enemies they were fighting against are living here on our shores.

It is not the job of America’s military to install democracy and freedom on distant shores. Her job first and foremost is to protect America from imminent threat of danger, hostile take-over (which as already occurred) and enemy invasion. Our military was not ordered to protect America on 911 and this is her first and foremost duty. A stand down was ordered because those who desire to bring America to her knees have been planning this deadly attack for decades using technology they have been developing and testing at China Lake for decades. They plot and they plan and they cover all bases when they unleash an event for years before they actually put the “wheels” in motion. Afterwards, they inundate us with so much information and disinformation that one can’t ascertain exactly what went wrong. Although we usually know that there was something terribly amiss and feel in our hearts that the government is covering up, yet the evidence cannot be found due to the “muddying of the waters.”

The men in the White House have spit in the faces of those who chose to die protecting their country and not in the name of power, wealth and greed and/or an agenda for a “One World Order.” The military trains our children to act as their “killing machines.”

Yet, those on the religious right who cannot justify abortion win their vote from this one issue. “One issue, one vote” is their motto. Yet they demonize our world by turning love into sex, infect our schools with drugs to get and keep our children addicted to drugs, devalue men’s worth in society through the woman’s movement and turn women against them. They keep us working 24/7 through the technology they have enslaved us with. They abhor homosexuals and play on the fears of god-fearing Christians; yet they are members of a “satanic cult” and create and spread viruses throughout our world.

Just as some of the members of Congress have been blackmailed through bribery, trickery, coercion, deceit and sexually through the use of children from the CIA’s mind control programs from as far back as the 1940’s, so, too have the citizens of this country. We are paying dearly for the mistakes of men who either wittingly or unwittingly engaged in pedophilia activity caught on camera and used for blackmail purposes in order to hold these members of CONGRESS hostage to the “shadow government’s” corrupt and illegal agenda for the world. We, the people, are their hostages as well through “Operation Project Monarch,” which was deployed as a means to create control files on politicians through sexual blackmail using children from this “mind control” program. We, the people of this country are paying dearly for the sins of those who were elected by the people to protect, honor and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but have not acknowledged this instrument as the “supreme” law of the land, as the most “noble” of all documents for nearly a century. The citizen’s of this country have been left unprotected through the discarding of the Constitution. This document was written with each one of us in mind. It was written to protect our rights, our liberties, our freedoms and our pursuit of happiness. It is the guiding force behind those who govern this country, but when many have been blackmailed through “Operation Project Monarch” that reality is impossible to uphold. The Constitution of the United States of America must be adhered to at all times. This was the intent and purpose of the writing of this document by our founding fathers and those in power have destroyed its’ very nature, its’ fabric, its’ essence and its’ beauty.

So many men and women within Congress have been promised Senate seats for life for “favors” and/or blackmail and through decades of fixed elections. Our country is now suffering more than ever due to the “stagnant” Congress who serves interests of the power elite and not U.S., the citizens of this country who pay their salaries.

The men who waged this war are power mongers and war mongers and they are void of morals and/or ethics. They will stop at nothing to remain in control of our country and their current path “global domination.” They immerse themselves in three of the most profitable industries in the world, which are drugs, pornography and oil. The CIA needs to control these three industries, as this is a mechanism for funding their black operations, their covert and their illegal activities. Congress will not authorize the money this “rogue” element of the CIA needs to overthrow foreign governments, run drugs from South America or continue the mind control programs they began in the 40’s so they protect the Mafia and skim profits from these lucrative businesses. The Mafia works for the CIA and the MOSSAD are some of the most brutal men the world has ever produced.

Proceeds are placed in the zillions of front companies here in this country or overseas in foreign corporations and off-shore bank accounts. America is a corporation run by the wealthy elitists who own the corporate conglomerates which control the media and all other aspects of our lives from drug companies, to cable networks, banking institutions, etc.

The CIA protects the Mafia and Robert Kennedy’s attempt to “bring down the Mafia” caused them great concern so they murdered him in “cold blood.” They hated the Kennedy’s. They represented a threat to their power and after John F. Kennedy double-crossed them by attempting to restore the right of Congress to coin money as expressed in the Constitution of the United States, by allowing torn and tattered bills to be exchanged for silver certificates, thereby stripping the Federal Reserve Board and Banks of their stranglehold upon our country’s money supply and releasing the American citizen’s as their hostages, the plot to assassinate him was put into motion and the wheels could not be stopped. This was Kennedy’s defining act as a traitor. Although, ten days earlier he had warned the American people of the impending danger of loosing our freedoms to this “rogue” element of the CIA during a speech at Columbia University, his attempt to restore the right of Congress to coin money by upholding, protecting and honoring the most noble of all documents, the “supreme law of the land,” he, too, was murdered in cold-blood.

Their assassinations date back to Abraham Lincoln. You can include Princess Di, John Lennon, anyone with a following such as Martin Luther King, Jr. John Kennedy, Jr. was talking about a possible run for the Presidency and they swore that another Kennedy would never be allowed in the White House again.

Soon they will not be able to silence all those who speak out against them as the “dead body trail” will balloon, the connections will be made and the finger will be pointing at them. Small plane crashes are their favorite way in ridding themselves of someone who poses a threat to their DYNASTY. Congressmen who may tip the scale in favor of the “other” party can be taken out that way. A drop of poison that cannot be detected in the bloodstream and then making it appear a suicide is their other preferred method.

The Federal Reserve Board and Banks (the World Bank/Rothschild) can be likened to an “international” Mafia. They control the world’s economy and write our monetary policies. They raise and lower the interest rate at their discretion. They collect high interest on the money they lend to the United States government, to the people, and we will be indebted to them for the rest of our lives. They are the only source of money supply to for our country and the true nature of their operation, their purpose has never been revealed to the citizens of this country. It has been hidden from our children from “cradle to grave” and from “birth until death” through the omission of the facts surrounding the creation of this illegal arm of the government for nearly a century. This, of course, is not the only manipulation of the truth and fabrication of American history that is purposely not written about in our history books. The fact that there were many American businessmen including Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, who financially supported Hitler’s “war machine” and the extermination of millions of Jews has also been hidden from the public for over six decades. What are children are taught and how are children are forced to behave in the public school system is a method of “mind control.” The criminals who are responsible for over five decades of covert domestic political murders and illegal/covert activities have kept the truth away from our children. They teach our children how to think, act and behave while they are inside of their public education buildings. Critical and logical thinking is not encouraged. Memorization is stressed. This hinders the brain’s ability to develop cognitive thinking abilities. It is a suppressive form of education.

We relinquish our rights to the school administrators every single day of our lives from the moment they enter the premises until the moment they leave. Their teaching methods are a form of mind control, brainwashing and conditioning which program our children not to question or challenge authority. This, so when they are released into the world, they are disengaged from the political arena and carry with them for the rest of their lives the falsehoods they have learned about America and her history. Not to question, not to dissent. To obey!! They are not presented with alternative theories of revisionist history.

While in the National Guard, President Bush requested a transfer to Maxwell Air Force Base on May 24, 1972, 9921st Alabama unit. Rufus Martin, Major, recommended the approval in June 1972. In July 1972, the transfer was disallowed by Headquarters stating that Bush was ineligible for a reserve unit, which is for those who already served active duty.

The next request for transfer was dated September 5, 1972 to Dannelly Air Force Base, 187th Tac Recon Group for the months of September, October and November, 1972. Captain Kenneth Lott approved the transfer on September 19, 1972.

This basically means that George W. Bush was disallowed his original transfer to Maxwell Air Force Base, which he requested on May 24, 1972, in July 1972. His next request for transfer to Dannelly Air Force Base, 187th Tac Recon Group, was dated September 5, 1972. It appears there is another lapse in his military record. If he was disallowed the transfer in July, 1972 to Maxwell AFB and the second request to be transferred to Dannelly is dated September 5, 1972, where was he during these two months? The Alabama guard units are a cover-up for his cocaine arrest, drug rehabilitation and community service during the months of May, June, July and August, 1972.

According to Lt. Col. Killian and Harris of the Texas Air National Guard they are unable to rate Lt. Bush for the period May 1, 1972 through April 30, 1973 as he has not been observed here since he cleared base on May 15, 1972 for Dannelly, but the Dannelly request wasn’t made until September 5, 1972. Unfortunately, Lt. Colonel’s Killian and Harris are both deceased and among those listed on the “Bush Crime Family Dead Body Trail.”

On August 1, 1972, Lt. Bush was suspended from flying privileges for failure to complete his medical examination and refusing the new drug test. Our President explained this away by saying that he was in Alabama and his family doctor was in Texas. Regulations for the Air National Guard are that only flight surgeons can perform physicals at the base you are stationed. Family doctors are not qualified in this area. George W. Bush, Jr., was in rehabilitation for cocaine addiction and for that reason he could not complete the new drug test or complete his medical examination. After the regulation information about who could perform National Guard medical examinations was made public, the new Bush reason for not completing his medical examination was due to the fact that he was not going to be flying in Alabama and decided that a physical was not necessary so he never reported for it. This is simply a “lazy” explanation for a man who said in his “statement of intent” that he planned on making flying a lifetime goal. He shrugged his military responsibility of having a medical examination performed and was suspended for this action because, according to his second explanation, he was not going to be flying in Alabama. What about following orders, Mr. President? What about taking care of responsibilities, Mr. President? While thousands of soldiers were being killed and maimed in Viet Nam, after you finished your community service and drug rehabilitation, you were flopping around the country from September through December of 1972 and still AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard.

There is still time unaccounted for during our President’s tenure in the Air National Guard and those are the winter/spring months of 1973. George W. Bush, Jr. and his National Guard buddy James R. Bath, who was suspended for failure to have medical examination performed at the same time as George W. Bush, were in agency training beginning in January, 1973 through early May, 1973. Rufus Martin, Major, indicates on his report for the period May 1, 1972 through April 30, 1973 that Lt. Bush cannot be rated for administrative purposes. This was the administrative purpose.

George W. Bush, Jr. signed a statement while in the Texas National Guard that allowed him to be honorably discharged if he did not satisfactorily participate and for failure to progress. In doing so, he would be transferred to Headquarters in Denver, Colorado and subjected to active duty not to exceed 24 months. All previous tours and active duty would be included in the 24 months. He was basically honorably discharged for failure to progress and participate because he was in cocaine rehabilitation and community service for a drug arrest, flopping around the country during the months of October, November, December, 1972 and in agency training with Bath in the winter/spring months of 1973.

Upon his discharge, President Bush left the Air National Guard for Harvard University. This is why he requested an honorable discharge, but one could surmise that the letter was only a formality and that he was being honorably discharged due to the reasons as stated in the stipulation he signed which were for failure to progress and participate. The author feels it is safe to assume that George W. Bush, Jr. never reported to Denver, Colorado for active duty as required in the stipulation for being honorably discharged, as there has been no evidence presented to suggest this and at the same time, he was attending Harvard University. According to the agreement, Bush was subjected to active duty for a period not to exceed 24 months and this active duty has been listed on his military biography from October 2, 1973, a day after his honorable discharge with six months of military time remaining until November 21, 1974 at Denver, Colorado. This time period suggests that he served six months longer than his enlistment called for and that he was in “two places at one time,” Headquarters in Denver, Colorado performing active duty according to the stipulation for being honorably discharged for a period not to exceed 24 months and also attending Harvard University. Failure to produce evidence regarding his duty assignment at Denver, Colorado from October 2, 1973 until November 21, 1974 would suggest that his military biography has been tampered with.

The American people were sitting ducks on September 11, 2001. The so-called leaders in charge of the national security of our country allowed four hijacked jumbo jets to fly off course with lost communication over the skies of our nation on that fateful day without any attempt by our military to bring them to the ground before they tore through the twin towers, killed thousands of innocent people and ripped families apart in the process. The only plausible explanation for the failure of our government and military to properly protect the people of this country from such a horrendous attack is that these two entities were working in concert with one another and ordered a stand-down. It is typical NORAD procedure throughout the year and it does not require presidential approval, to order fighter jets into our skies when an aircraft has strayed off course in an attempt to direct them to the ground. However, this administration told us that there weren’t any fighter pilots or jets available on 9/11. This is unimaginable. We are the most powerful military in the world, yet we are unprepared to scramble and mobilize one single military aircraft and one single fighter pilot in a time of crisis, especially when it is obvious that something very odd is occurring in our airspace. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that four jumbo jets flying off course and with lost communication would present a problem to the security of this nation. We can send thousands of men, women and children of the armed services overseas to kill thousands of innocent people in an illegal war, but our government and military is incapable of protecting and defending their own shores from terrorists who boarded planes with box cutters and brought America to her knees? This does not seem possible, but the American people have been asked to believe this scenario.

The "Patriot Act" was designed by the criminals in charge of our country to bring all of us under closer scrutiny, to place us under their microscope and to give them unyielding powers of invasion of our privacy. This, they propose to us is all in the name of their “war on terror” and, although they insist they are instituting this document to protect us from terrorists, many Americans feel we are being treated as the enemy and this perception does not lie far from the truth. It is plain and simple that the Patriot Act has given them the powers to spy on American citizens covertly. This Act was written for their benefit and not for the benefit of the American people. Their decades of lies, deceit and destruction are surfacing and in order to protect themselves from exposure and prosecution, they must tighten the noose around our necks even tighter. They must attempt to keep us under their control and in their grip of suppression. This document has the capacity to reduce the citizens of our country to mere school children who will be closely watched by a group of administrators charged with the responsibility of making us adhere to rigid guidelines, strict rules and regulations. In essence, they want us to continue to walk the straight line we were taught in elementary school when lining up for our trip to the water fountain, to memorize all that they tell us as fact and not fiction as we did in school when reading and learning from the books that they publish and distribute which do not reflect the truth about America and her descent from democracy and freedom to a fascist rule by those who comprise and are aligned with the “shadow government” and members of a “rogue” group of the CIA who are responsible for five decades of domestic political murders. These men desire that we accept the stranglehold they have placed upon us without question devoid of the ability to use our critical and logical thinking processes. These very important cognitive brain functions are destroyed in the public school system through the forced methods applied of programming us to memorize information instead of presenting us with data that can be analyzed and processed using these abilities. In essence, we are stripped of our inherent right to form our own opinion based on the presentation of accurate information and the processing and the analyzing of data using our critical and logical thinking abilities. This "brainwashing" method has been used on the masses through the corporate conglomerates they own and operate via mainstream media. We are not given the facts. We are given conflicting information, falsehoods, lies, distortion of the truth that disallows us the ability to form any opinion whatsoever regarding any of the crimes they have committed over the past five decades. This process serves to place the brain in a "state of confusion." It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can't find it nor can you find the truth so you stop looking. You accept what they "want us to believe" and move on allowing them to remain in power and continuing to commit more crimes and steer our country further down a path of destruction. They want us to obey their commands, their rules and their regulations no matter how unconstitutional they may be. Just the same as when we were in school and our parents left us with the babysitters who are the administrators in a building where our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America are left behind the moment we entered the building. They use the public education system and mainstream media as their two most powerful brainwashing tools. This is how we are "brainwashed" and mind controlled from “cradle to grave and/or from “birth until death.” We are taught to listen to authority without question while in the public school system. We are taught not to disagree or dissent, not to disrupt or talk back. We believe all that they say as fact and not fiction. They have “programmed” their lies directly into our brains through repetition delivered to us via the public education system and their ownership of mainstream media. It is time to "unbrainwash" the nation. It is time that the truth is known. They want us to PARROT them and they derive this result in us through repetition.

There exists in this country a shadow government who controls the President. They are a separate and independent mechanical arm of our president and congress. They are the puppet masters and George W. Bush, Jr. is their puppet. They pull his strings and he dances for them. These men do not follow the Constitution of the United States of America. They do not recognize this document as the supreme law of the land. They conduct the business of our country for themselves and not for the people, of the people and by the people. They are a separate entity that was not created through presidential executive order and, therefore, they cannot be abolished. They must be exposed and removed from their current political and military positions as they are operating lawlessly. They have placed a stranglehold on Congress through sexual blackmail dating back to the 60’s using children from their mind control program MKULTRA/Project Monarch to accomplish this act. They have managed to blackmail many a congressman through trickery, bribery, deceit and temptation. Congress has very little power. Those who were blackmailed, those who are part of the criminal element vote the “shadow government’s” agenda. Congress is stagnant. Congress does not work.

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