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Still you quote sources that are apart from the bible. Read the bible start with the new testament than we can talk.

About this articel:

First I might say that i don't like what is happening in Irak it is a sham with ulterior purposes. But the American people don't understand that if you screw someone you have given him the right to screw you back and that is what the muslims are doing. I would fight any Muslim trying to destroy my culture Thats why i respect there patriots.

Yes the majority of the US soldiers are from a christianic culture and many of them are probably devout Christians. But they are not fighting as Christian they are fighing as soldiers. The US is no longer a christian nation it is a secular one.

If I where in the army i would refuse to fight this war because i could not fight for this cause.

We are all living in a lie, a world that does not exist. the bible can clear our eyes and our hearts. It wont make you a zealot it will make you Free. Free from religion both humanist, luceferic/iluminist, pagan, and even christianistics forms which is not the same as Christian.

Read this excerpt from


The lives (and deaths) of many millions are based on a hoax of one kind or another. Our political and cultural leaders are chosen and overpaid for perpetuating these lies. World Trade Center Seven was demolished on Sept. 11 by its owner and no mainstream media investigates why. History professors, journalists, novelists, politicians, law enforcement all take part in the pathetic charade called the West.

Since the so-called "Enlightenment" Western civilization has lost its moorings. It has exchanged belief in spiritual and moral absolutes for Judeo Masonic solipsism and deception. (See my "How University Betrays Students") We have traded allegiance to our Creator's design for the worship of Mammon.

While the masses feed on spiritual junk food, wealthy Satanists secretly plot mankind's future. Wars ensure that enemies of World Government destroy each other. In Iraq, US national power is exhausted and discredited and while religious people are annihilated. Money is made.

Fellow Turkeys. Welcome to the New World Order. It isn't new at all.

See also my "Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony"

Once agin if you are sincere in your search star reading the book which you claim is lying.

My you find the way

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