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Riffat did not remotely foresee that the U.S. government organized to have four planes fly into various buildings. Neither he, nor Dames, nor any other foreseers went on Art Bell or Jeff Rense, or any other place, to forewarn people of the coming Taliban airliners. But suddenly his remote vision is perfectly clear.
I had the same thought. This "remote viewing" stuff is a little too far out, IMHO. Once again, the litmus test of a true Biblical prpophet was 100 per cent accuracy. I think Riffat already comes up short by that criterion.

The international money power is firmly in control of its lieutenants in the U.S. and every place else.
Once again, I wholeheartedly agree. Just look at the way John Kerry deliberately underperformed in the election, even leaving a 50 million dollar balance in his campaign fund. When did you ever hear of THAT happening in any national election, much less one as close and controversial as this last one?

The U.S. government have been working on a plan for years to entice Russia to attack the U.S. and Europe.
Once again, I concur. Everything I have read and studied indicates that the heart of this New World Order will be Europe, not the United States. First the United States must be eliminated with all vestiges of its pesky latent nationalism and sovereignty. George W. Bush is just the stooge for that job assignment, as his fascist tactics both weaken American unity and make us so reviled by the rest of the world that few will care when Putin finally orders the preemptive strike against "the great Satans of America". I'm not quite as certain about Russia attacking Europe. As the Bible says, at some point Israel becomes the collective target of the NWO, with both Europe and Russia attacking jointly.

The U.S. government is also working on a plan to bring about an other great depression during which they expect to shake down China and bring it under their control.
And I repeat, what a happy coincidence this devastating tsunami turned out to be, for everyone interested in weakening the Asian economy and making it dependent on the NWO, including the Bush neocons (but not excluding the Rothschilds either, I suspect).

Putin seems to be no more wise or any less gullible than the Romanovs and the pan-Slavs. (And I don't believe for a minute that he is a good guy).
I never have. The man plays too many ends against the middle, a different story for every audience, and his background portends no warm and fuzzy nuances. This guy is pure old school KGB.

They will not achieve their dreams; but, by destroying the armed forces of the evil empire, they will do the survivors a favour, or at least give them a chance to start with a clean slate. Or, the money power will accomplish their plan and the brave new world of New Atlantis will befall upon the generation(s) following us.
I suspect the latter is the Illuminati's intent, but when the moment of truth finally arrives, I believe we will still have a chance to implement the former via collective resistance. This will be the last chance for North Americans to live like free men (no pun intended).
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