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Default Are the Rothschild’s in Paris, actually in a war with the Rothschild’s of London?

I received an interesting e-mail the other day that got me thinking. The e-mail stated that Jacob Rothschild is quite sick and this is causing some problems in the world of finance, media and just who controls things. One has to ask the question; “Is what’s going on in the world really nothing more than a family feud?” Are the Rothschild’s in Paris, actually in a war with the Rothschild’s of London?

After getting the e-mail I started to do a little research and when you look at the world in this light things fall in place just a little too easily. I tried looking up news on Jacob Rothschild and found nothing; I guess I should have expected that. For all I can tell Jacob is already dead, really sick, not sick, playing tennis everyday or busy trying to pass on the family fortune to his son Nathaniel. Now this appears to be where the problems start, maybe after 200 and twenty plus years of inbreeding with your cousins the family gene may have blown a circuit. Looks like Nathaniel might not have the equipment required in order to run a global dynasty.

Now back to the question of the Rothschild’s of London and the Rothschild’s of Paris. What do the Rothschild’s of London want a currency to be and what do the Rothschild’s of Paris want a currency to be. The London House of Jacob and his not quite altogether son Nathaniel clearly believe Oil is money. When Mikhail Khodorkovsky passed his shares of Yuko’s over to Jacob while on his way to prison in 2003 it became pretty clear just which side Jacob was on. This does make one wonder exactly who had Khodorkovsky sent to prison though. It’s interesting to note here that the London side of the House closed down their Gold window a few years ago.

The Rothschild House of Paris at one time was controlled by Amschel Rothschild who somehow at the age of 41 and apparently things going his way decided to end his life by hanging himself by his bathrobe belt by the towel rack in the bathroom. Amschel at the time was very busy getting ready for the upcoming gold backed launching of the Euro. The currencies of the twelve nations that would make up the Euro were trading at the equivalent of a $1.40 Euro today. Upon his death those currencies began their slide. The Paris side of the house gets much of its wealth from the mineral holdings that they have. I’m not sure who runs the Paris side of the House these days, Amschel has a twenty something year old son. Clearly though the Paris House believes gold should be money.

In the world of the media barons the Murdoch dynasty, which is clearly aligned with the London House of Rothschild, is having some problems of their own. Rupert appears to be having difficulty in handing over the empire to his own son James. This does lead one to ask the question, does the Paris side of the House have someone else in mind? Is there about to be a handover to somebody else?

Now why is South Africa selling their gold in Rand’s and not dollars? Which House of Rothschild controls South Africa’s gold interests? Is it Paris? Or London? This brings up a lot of questions about why countries do what they do. Is China's recent interest in gold more of an appeasment to the House of Paris?

Russia sits in a rather unique position in today’s world having both an abundance of oil and an abundance of gold. Russia sure does seem to accommodate the interests of both sides of the House’s of Rothschild. The US is unfortunately not so lucky; the Bush Cartel clearly backs the London side of the House.

It’s certainly an interesting world when you view it as a war between one family and the House of London and the House of Paris. There were many wars in the past that it could be said were fought for the same reasons. This does make one ask one question though.

So who exactly killed Amschel Rothschild? 3961&page=0&view=&sb=&o=&part=1&vc=1&t=0

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