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Default Re: Are the Rothschild’s in Paris, actually in a war with the Rothschild’s of London?

In the world of the media barons the Murdoch dynasty, which is clearly aligned with the London House of Rothschild, is having some problems of their own. Rupert appears to be having difficulty in handing over the empire to his own son James. This does lead one to ask the question, does the Paris side of the House have someone else in mind? Is there about to be a handover to somebody else?
Actually, his sons name is Lachlan. He is a big Lefty Sook. Lacks the ruthlessness of his old man and actually believes in allegience to ones country.

Murdochs ex-wife despises the old man for his lack of loyalty to Australia.

I have heard 2nd hand that Lachlan is a nice guy who believes in his home town and actually helping people and despises his old mans cynicism.


Like any organised crime outfit inhouse bickering is kept to a minimum. It's bad for business. If it gets out of hand business suffers.

There are 5 billion peasants to knock off. That should keep them busy and occupied.
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