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Default Medicated America

"When is America going to wake up?"

I think America will not wake up because so many people are on medication.

When people in this country have a personal crisis they allow "health care professionals" to convince them they need pharmaceutical, synthetic, chemical drugs to help them cope. In reality, they need the nutrients no longer in the soil, hence, no longer in the food. They need the toxins removed from the air and water. Without those nutrients to produce the neuro-transmitter receptors in our brains, we do not have normal brain function. Everyone is suffering from a biochemical imbalance.

I believe all of this is not the doing of governmental bumbling idiots, morons, misguided and misled public servants. It's intentional. That's the only way it makes sense. People become agitated by the complete lack of common sense in what they see happening. They must play political games to keep their jobs. They must sell out their fellow man to retain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

I believe it's a set-up. I believe one day the pharmaceutical drugs will be halted and all the people withdrawing from meds, simultaneously, cold turkey, will create chaos. It will kill a lot of them. I've watched a few people come off these drugs and when
they do, all the crises they tried to bury, return to the forefront and have to be dealt with, with an addled brain much less able to contend with problems, in any way akin to wisdom.


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