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Default Re: I love bush, but I hate george

Do I trust or believe the CIA? The answer is a resounding NO!!

Do I trust our government? Again, the answer is a resounding NO!!

I have reason not to trust and they can thank themselves for that.

I realize not all within our government/CIA/military are corrupt, but until those who aren't expose themselves by coming forward with what they know, the CAGENCY will always remain, in my mind, a criminal conduit through which our government operates.

So, do I believe anyone within the CIA who states publicly that they dumped a program such as Operation Midnight Climax?

No, not really.

I mean, they've never acknowledged Monarch other than COLBY stating that the program was stopped as well.

Doesn't matter. The name of the programs change to suit their needs and clandestine activities.

I wonder if I should file a FOIA regarding Monarch!!!
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