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Default Re: If Peak Oil is a myth, why is the US even dealing with the Saudis?

MARK...U.S oil fields are full. They were capped at 2/3 years ago.
Yes, I have relatives in the wildcat oil business whose wells were all bought out from under them during the Carter admnistration through very "coercive" measures. All under the auspices of "energy conservation".
In short, no one knows how much oil still exists, but you have to look at this from the viewpoint of the ruling elites: If they can sell less oil and make as much or more profit while exerting the second prong of global control (their monopoly over money being the first), then why wouldn't you do it?
But as Truebeliever says, once again the bottom line is control, not profit. That is why this is a Satanic conspiracy, not a mere financial one, as Dr. Makow and many others who have investigated it have concluded.
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