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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe?

Few places will be totally destroyed...Iran maybe and a few others...however, if the people are not cowed, perhaps they will go ALL the way.

The point will be to bring people to the edge of terror. To make them REALLY belive that at ANY moment the whole world is going to explode and Armageddon will be upon which point a Knight with a Blue Hat will come riding in.

America must be destroyed by less sexy means than atom bombs. Simple economic collapse and civil war will suffice.

Once Bush has trashed the U.S reputation COMPLETELY, the U.N will have a mandate to save the U.S people from themselves and their silly religious beliefs.

Back to the point of total war...there is enough evidence to point out that preparations have been made for ALL OUT nuking.

The Russians have spent billions and so has the U.S on underground "cities".

Chernobyl was DEFINATELY an experiment. 7 levels of safety were dismissed one by way was it an accident. Time has shown that radioactive fallout ceases to be a problem after 10 years or so. In the Chernobyl area, rare wildlife has returned and the lack of human activity has returned the area to a pristine state.

We see lately documentaries on Robert McNamara "pleading" with us to dismantle nuclear weapons and other doco's on the "evil" of the corporations...the only soloution implied in these (on the surface) well done doco's...STRONG ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT to spare us from this mention of the Bankers of course who ARE responsable for these institutions.

We must be careful not to be intimitaded with all this talk of total destruction. It is vital that a "high moral ground" be available to those who wish to kill us. Deny it to them by spreading the word. Let them know that "we" will know EXACTLY who to blame.
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