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Default Can You Help? Footage & Ideas For New Video Montage - One For The Bankers.

Well, i've done "Back In Black" to point out the "fascistic elements" involving the mostly Stalinist Imperialist Neo-Cons. Then an attempt to show the Pentagon "Rationalists" in action with "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor"...i thought it was time to cut to the chase and do a kick ass, really well done, funny and thought provoking video montage on the NWo Elite...the Bankers and their devlish little meetings - Davos, Bilderbergers etc...

Yawn, yawn...we can poke fun at Bush etc...boring! How about we cut to the chase. The people behind him and Hitler and Stalin and all the other scams they put us through.

It needs to detail the method of problem-reaction-soloution. Rise of the Illuminati and Masonry. The they finance both sides...there little meetings including their naked romps in the woods at Bohemian Grove etc...the national I.D card and ultimately killing us off and bonding us into slavery.

Need music.

Actually putting it all together is's getting enough footage.

So, ideas plus are people able to point me in the direction of footage on the web.


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