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Default Re: Are the Rothschild’s in Paris, actually in a war with the Rothschild’s of London?

freeman wrote:
Actually, his sons name is Lachlan. He is a big Lefty Sook. Lacks the ruthlessness of his old man and actually believes in allegience to ones country.

...I have heard 2nd hand that Lachlan is a nice guy who believes in his home town and actually helping people and despises his old mans cynicism.
Makes a great cover story for when the NWO boys have to rush in as "saviors" to rescue us from the mess they have created, doesn't it?
As far as the House of Rothschild family rivlary and intrigue, could all be a smokescreen, but then again, I have noted the Hegelian dialectic employed all the way up the line, even between competing factions of Freemasonry and the Illuminati.
One more reason why I see this as a Satanic conspiracy rather than a finanical or even pragmatic one. As its ultimate end goal, it guarantees only evil and destruction of humanity. I'm not certain that the Rothschilds, for all of their devilish cunning, are even aware of this.
To paraphrase the bard, this world is the devil's stage, and the evil elites are merely his players.

Freemasonry in all of its' evil forms is the crux of the problem, is it not?

I mean, haven't they just rolled their diabolic dynasty into new names in order to keep the focus away from one entity for too long.

The Illuminati are the 13 families and the NWO is an agenda. However, Freemasonry and Skull and Bones are the "secret societies" that practice "satanic" worshippping.
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