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Default Re: Satanists and fetuses

Oh, no, I would never think that aborted fetus' are sent to funeral directors who pile them up for use in "satanic" rituals involving those within our government/military who practice Freemasonry, satanic worshipping and human sacrifices.
Yeah, just as we would never think that our respected local funeral directors would be involved with the smuggling of drugs in dead soldiers' caskets, at least until Lyndon LaRouche blew the lid off that scheme in his tell-all book Dope, Inc..
A little more info seems to be appearing today. Reknowned coroner Cyril Wecht (of the "Magic Bullet" theory in the JFK assassination) has been placed on the case, and he is saying that "the boxes may have been found inadvertently by a member of the funeral director's family." And of course local and county police still can't be reached for comment. Another quote from today's Post-Gazette follow-up article:

In March 2004, state records showed, the state Board of Funeral Directors fined Winston (the undertaker who owns the garage where the fetuses were found) $3,000 and suspended his license for three years for "aiding in the unlicensed practice of funeral directing" and for failing to notify the state of "pre-need" funeral services contracts. No further commnet was available yesterday.
Funny how no one in authority seems to want to comment on this case...and what the hell is "aiding in the unlicensed practice of funeral directing"? Obviously, this guy plays a pretty fast and loose game, and his carelessness would seem to indicate that he felt he had enough juice somewhere in the system to cover his tracks. Since he went right out and hired the top criminal attorney in the Pittsburgh area, I'm still not betting against that assumption on his part.
Of course, the media is already trying to spin this situation into something analagous to the Georgia crematory owner who accumulated three hundred rotting corpses on his property because he was too cheap to pay the gas bill. (But then again, that story also went off the radar screen as soon as it was indirectly connected to none other than George W. Bush):
Funeralgate: The skeleton in Bush's closet that won't go away
Sill, the two situations don't seem analagous to me. A fetus corpse is much easier to dispose of than the real thing. As we all know, they have often been thrown out with the daily trash with no one the wiser. And for a funeral director there should have been a plethora of options avaialbe for disposal, such as burial along with or directly beneath a casket in a full-size grave. Why would anyone want to accumulate the damned things?
So what do we have so far: An unscrupulous funeral director retains a collection of fetuses that he was orginally contracted to dispose of even after he has already been burned on other criminal charges pertaining to professional misconduct.
Just doesn't make sense. It has been my general experience that no one takes anything away from a business after they sell out or retire unless they think it is something that may be of value in the future... :-o
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