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Default NWO is cancer

I agree with you Freeman.

As a biologist (after years of studding pagan Freemasons and Illuminati agenda) I drove the following conclusion :
New World Order is similar to cancer.

In my opinion , New World Order is not a sound project of seizing power over the entire world but process of its destruction. NWO , like cancer, is not constructive but destructive.

Cancer is a disease in which certain body cells (at the beginning only one single cell) are being transformed and start to "ignore" biological laws (we could say God's law)- they do not want to obey rules of the body (God' rules) and actually rebel against body, breaking all rules and limitations (just like illuminati,freemasons and pagans).

It is really amazing how cancer cells are similar to creators of New World (dis)Order -
malignant cells are totally independent and "omnipotent" -actually they want to take control over the entire body :
1) they multiply without control ; 2) they are resistant to factors that try to limit their enlargement ; 3) they avoid to die in the process of normal aging (malignant cells are literally immortal and the main reason why Illuminati and Freemasons -headed institutes and foundations support cancer research is probably to detect and use this "amazing ability" 4) they are progressively becoming enlarged by destroying healthy tissue 5) they constantly improve their "brilliant" ability to utilize resources which they need for limitless expansion (neoangiogenesis); 5) they metastasize - spread over the whole body .

As a result of cancer progression human body starts to starve to death due to inadequate and insufficient supply of food/nutrients since CANCER CELLS TAKE ALL NUTRIENTS (" biological globalization and monopolization").
All these nutrients cancer cells need to destroy the human body

In the end , cancer cells figuratively create " Cancer Body Order " (like New World Order).
After all , due to the starvation, human body dies together with cancer cells.

Cancer cells could not prevail and become "immortal" in this process ; they destroy the body and are being destructed together with their host.

Therefore , I think that New World Order (One- world totalitarian government) will never be created and would never be able to function because it will destroy its host (world population ).

NWO , like cancer, is not project of construction but disintegration and degradation.

Most of the patients affected with cancer do not have any symptoms that could warn them and they do not know what is happening with their body at the first stages of the disease. The same situation is with world population today.
Many (if not most) are being diagnosed with cancer too late when it has spread over the whole body.

However when cancer starts to interfere with the functions of their organs and cause discomfort and pain, people start to worry and go for check up (still, there are many people who are ignoring obvious symptoms and refuse to seeks treatment until the death).

Ironically it seems that world population will figure out what is going on and realize what is NWO only when NWO starts to interfere with their consumerism,comfort, and leisure life.

At that moment , we- conspiracy theorist would not be paranoiacs and pessimists but " wise doctors whose precocious warnings to go to the cancer screening regularly ,they stupidly ignored".

I hope it won't be too late - maybe the nuclear weapons that might be used in NWO World War 3 would be the best (radio)therapy.
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