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I'm sure any influenza outbreak can be serious, especially those with compromised immune systems. The 'flu has already been an annual pandemic hitting the elderly quite regularly. Flu shots don't seem to work, and why should they?

It's been determined that a salt water nasal spray kills the influenza virus on contact, something to have handy I would guess. Regular hand washing probably would probably be the silver bullet against it's spread also.

About the following story that Dr. Makow brought to our attention, I would suspect that no, the elite is not really stocking up on special pills. My argument is not that they couldn't be, but that they want you to be pro-vaccination. In other words stupid.


The Sunday Times - Britain

August 28, 2005

Britain's elite get pills to survive bird flu
Sarah-Kate Templeton and Jonathan Calvert

MEMBERS of Britain’s elite have been selected as priority cases to receive scarce pills and vaccinations at the taxpayers’ expense if the country is hit by a deadly bird flu outbreak.


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