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Default Re: NWO is cancer

Today, the biggest financial power in the private banking/invest management world is not any of the Rothschild branch but Goldman Sachs.
Please document, because that statement reminds me of some shameless spin control utilized on the ADL website. They attempt to debunk the myth of Rothschild domination of the banking industry by citing membership data for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and claiming that it doesn't track directly to the Rothschilds and the other eight big Jewish names in international banking.
The "Rothschild" Connection
Unfortunately, this spurious explanation evades the flow charts compiled by many others, including Eustace Mullins in his book Secrets of the Federal Reserve which demonstrate how the entire international banking industry traces back to the original Rothschild empire.
Who owns the Fed?
Obviously, the Rothschilds have employed numerous agents to disguise the amount of their true wealth. If you need any further proof, I submit the recent arrest of Yukos Oil oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovskii by Russian President Vladimir Putin which revealed that Khodorkovskii's shares were held in proxy for Lord Jacob Rothschild.
Therefore, I would question any assessment of Goldman Sachs or any other banking entitiy eclipsing the Rothschild empire in actuality.
People who get that rich through means that unscrupulous simply don't let the competition outdo them. They don't have to. That's not how capitalism works.

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