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Default Re: NWO is cancer

And while we're on the subject of China...if China is such a threat...why does the West continue to POUR BILLIONS into the place? Well, we know why but so much talk from many reasonable alternative news sites appears to me to be fanning the flames of bullshit.

China did not SPONTANEOUSLY grow itself into an economic giant. It was and IS a creation of the West inparticular.

It did not build those high tech "laser" metal lathes...they were provided under "lend lease" type conditions in the mid 70's. The factories, the earth moving equipment, the CPU fabrication plants - ALL given initially by the West. To be paid back with slave labour production.

China is the prototype for the NWO...not an "abheration". HIGHLY CENTRALIZED command and control environment with a massive pool of "complient" (actually not so) peasants who will work for peanuts.

China faces MASSIVE internal unrest and problems that can ONLY be solved by a MASSIVE cull of the population in the order of 500 million people.

The water table in China drops by 10ft a year every year. Massive desertifacation problems. Food supply problems etc...ALL contributing to massive internal unrest.

That a viralent Avian Bird Flu has'nt taken hold their by now leaves me surprised. With the FULL co-operation of the Chinese Elite I might add.

China is a threat to NO ONE. It is on the verge of internal disintergration.
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