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freeman wrote:
Pittsburgh has long been known as a hotbed of Freemasonic/Illuminati activity. Don't ask me why. That part I haven't figured out yet. I'm just saying that I wasn't overly surprised albeit throughly appalled by this story which has actually made it to their local media (not for long I'll wager):

Coroner investigating discovery of aborted fetuses

Saturday, August 27, 2005
By Joe Mandak, The Associated Press

Dozens of aborted fetuses have been found in a garage at the former home of a funeral director who had a contract with a Pittsburgh hospital to have the remains cremated, Allegheny County Coroner Cyril Wecht said today.

Former home!!!

Police were called to the detached garage McKeesport around 9 p.m. Friday after someone discovered the remains in several boxes, Wecht said.

Who called the police? Who has been living there with fetuses in their garage that are supposedly from miscarriages and abortions from 1999-2002?

The fetuses were the result of miscarriages and abortions performed at Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh from 1999 to 2002, Wecht said.

Fetuses from 1999-2002 found in a garage that the director doesn't own three years later!!!! Sorry, something doesn't add up!! I don't think they are fetuses that are three years old.

"There's nothing secretive or furtive about these procedures, which have been going on at Magee hospital since I was in medical school," Wecht said.

Wecht wouldn't identify the funeral director who once lived at the house with the detached garage where the fetuses were found. The funeral director went out of business years ago, Wecht said, and he was to be questioned by local and county police about the contract he had to have the remains cremated.

He went out of business years ago!! When? Before 1999?

However, Pittsburgh attorney James Ecker said he was representing Robert B. Winston Jr., who he said was the former funeral director who used to live at the home. Winston has not been charged with any crime.

Who lives in the former funeral director's home now?

"Both he and I are frankly trying to assist the Allegheny County police in this whole investigation," Ecker said.

Allegheny County property records show the home and garage were sold in 1993, several years before authorities said the fetuses in question were aborted. Ecker said he didn't know if the current owner is related to Winston, nor if he had access to the property since then.

Home sold in 1993 is not several years before fetuses in question were aborted. That would be six years and six years does not make several. I think it would be easy to find out if the current owner is related to Winston. Try asking. Now we know there is a current owner who was living in the house with fetuses since 1993??? when they say the house was sold.

Last year, the State Board of Funeral Directors suspended Winston's license for three years and fined him $3,000, saying he had aided and assisted the unlicensed practice of funeral directing and failed to report presold funeral arrangement contracts to the board, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State Web site. The records didn't make clear what business Winston worked for at the time.

Previous paragraph says Winston went out of business years ago, but last year his license was suspended for three years. The records aren't clear as to what business he worked for???? Why not??? Shouldn't the State Board know this if they're fining him and what the hell does "aided and assisted the unlicensed practice of funeral directing" mean???

The Associated Press could not immediately locate a telephone number for Winston.

Magee is part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's network of hospitals. A UPMC spokeswoman referred all questions to Wecht's office.

Wecht said the funeral director didn't have a crematorium and apparently had a subcontract with one to dispose of the remains. Crematorium officials were also to be questioned as part of the investigation.

Wecht's pathologists were examining the fetuses and the hospital records in an attempt to determine their identity and other medical information so the parents could be notified. The gestational age of the fetuses varied widely, but Wecht didn't specify a range.

"The Allegheny County Coroner's Office is sensitive and mindful of the emotional concerns parents and family members may ultimately experience, however significant time to complete a thorough medico-legal analysis must be allowed so as to ensure that proper identification and notifications can be made," Wecht's office said in a statement.

County detectives and McKeesport police were also investigating. They didn't immediately return calls for comment today.
Of course, the connection to Satanic rituals immediately flashed through my mind. From Springmeier's They Know Not What They Do:

There are blood covenants, blood sacrifices, sexual sealings, invocations of
demons, demonizations of fetuses with Moon Child rituals, voodooism, and many
other programming acts which are related to demonology.
Even this apologetic article re Satanism from the LA Times (which I actually reproduced from a Wiccan website) offers the following insights:

Satanism:Skeptics Abound (Yeah, right, only in the lamestream media...)

Jacquie Balodis is talking softly about her bad childhood. How bad was it? It was unbelievably bad. "I was born into Satanism," the 49- year-old Garden Grove woman said. As she describes it, her early years in Pueblo, Colorado included devil worship, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. She said as a teen-ager she was twice impregnated by her stepfather, now deceased. Both fetuses were aborted and used in rituals, she said.
Anyone thinking what I'm thinking -- hypothetically of course? :roll:
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